If you had a time machine, when and where would you go, and why?

Published 9:58 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Jane Moore, 70, Suffolk

I’d probably go back to when the waters were cleaner, when we could eat the oysters right out of the Chuckatuck Creek in front of our house. Or in the 1950s, when my family lived at the beach in North Carolina and we didn’t have turtles choking on plastic or garbage floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

Shannon Ward, 47, Suffolk


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I would probably go back to the Civil War days, just because I’m fascinated with that history and time period. It would be very interesting to be in Suffolk during that time. I’ve heard lots of stories from the “Ghost Walks” in Suffolk.

Sylvia Morings, Suffolk, 64

I think I would probably go back to 2009 if I could. That was the year that my mother died. My life became very different from then on, and there’s so many things I would have done differently had I known.

Albert E., 36, Hampton Roads

I would like to travel back to the 1960s at the climax of the Civil Rights campaign, because Martin Luther King is someone I’m very fond of. I would like to go back and participate with them in that process for change.