Long time, no see, spring

Published 10:53 pm Thursday, March 29, 2018

Can we all just take a moment and be happy that the weather is warming up?

I’ve woken up twice now to take my dogs outside, and I have been greeted by warm weather and a lovely breeze.

That is the best feeling in the world. Why? Because I hate winter.

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Snow is the worst. To be fair, I have only dealt with snow in Hampton Roads, so I am a little biased.

If I would have grown up farther north, I would have loved the snow, because entire cities wouldn’t shut down when there is a threat of an inch of snowfall. Alas, I grew up in Virginia Beach and had to make up many snow days where snow never happened.

The many times I have visited the northeast in the winter have always shown me a different world. When I was in high school, we went to Rhode Island after Christmas, and we arrived to snow falling and falling fast. More than 8 inches of snow was cleaned up before 6 a.m. I was impressed to say the least. That’s probably why northerners say that we southerners can’t drive in the snow. It’s because ours isn’t handled as well as other places.

Snow is the worst in Hampton Roads. Fact.

I know it’s not true, but I feel like the snow was just unbearable this year. I attribute that to not having snow days anymore, because I am not in college anymore, and the newspaper doesn’t stop for the weather.

I’m happy to see the sun come out and the weather finally warm up. I’m so excited that I’m not even mad about the profuse amount of rain that is going to happen during the next two weeks. Mostly because rain doesn’t add an extra 20 minutes to my commute because I have to clean my car off. Rain doesn’t freeze my dogs’ poor little paws. Rain doesn’t get in my shoes and freeze my toes.

Most importantly, rain is not snow.

April showers bring May flowers. So, the rain will bring the green back, and the flowers will bloom. I’m ready to enjoy walking downtown Suffolk with better weather coming our way.