The planting season

Published 8:56 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2018

By Ariane Williams

Focus. I walked out of my house to notice a determined bird staring into the “atmosphere.” For a moment, I felt determined to gain a glimpse of the vision. I paused to breathe in the atmosphere. The bird was engaged into the vision and did not move. I waited but saw absolutely nothing.

But wait, there was something there, but why could I not see it? Potential. Vision. Growth. Stability. Something was being planted into the atmosphere. The bird saw what I could not see; the bird had vison.


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As I began to study the language of a bird, I began to think about the language of the spirit within all of us. Did you know that birds sing when they feel safe in an environment? Did you know that birds can control the size of their pupils so that they can focus on a specific thing? What will it take for you to start singing in the midst of fear? What will it take for you to connect with your gift so that you can start to focus on your vision? What do you need to nurture the seed in your spirit so that your vision can sprout? Do you have the required tools for your seed to sprout?

Sowing and planting are two important components of preparing a seed; however, you must know the difference between sowing and planting. When you sow, you scatter “on” or “into” something. In the beginning, you may not scatter in large amounts; you may scatter in small amounts. Scattering “on” allows you to introduce the vision. As you become familiar with your vision, you will begin to scatter “into,” penetrating the surface of your vision.

Planting is the next stage in nurturing your seed. The dictionary meaning of “planting” means to place or fix in a specified position. Just like the bird, you must be determined to watch that vision in a specified position even when others do not see it.

Last week, my husband went to a junkyard to retrieve a part from a “damaged” vehicle. Before he got to the junkyard, he was instructed to wear some “old” boots and to bring his own tools. The challenge was difficult for my husband because the mud made him fixed in a specified position. He even cut his hand multiple times in the process. After about an hour, he was able to remove the part. He was relieved that he had found the right part. As he started to work on our vehicle, he realized that the part that he had did not fit.

Sometimes, we feel as if our vision will not fit when in actuality, it may not fit for a specific season. Although my husband did not have the right part, he experienced a process. What he felt was a waste of time became a seed. He had to focus on that one thing. He had a vision. He did not know that the part was not going to fit. He just knew that he needed it. Stand in the process even when it seems like it does not fit. You will eventually get the right part, and it will fit.

Here is your assignment for the week:

  • Buy a flower pot, and fill it with soil.
  • Purchase a pack of seeds of your choice.
  • Plant your seeds in the soil.
  • Write your vision on a piece of paper and tape it to the flower pot.
  • Water it and watch it grow.

When a seed is placed in the ground, it is placed in the ground with the expectation that it is going to sprout. You don’t know how big, but you know that it is going to grow into something beautiful. Nothing will stand in the way of that seed sprouting. Your vison is getting ready to be planted in this season because of your sowing. Stand determined in your environment. You must begin to sing. You must begin to focus. As for what tools you will need in this season, those tools were stitched into your spirit at birth. When you took your first breath into the world, that vision was birthed into the atmosphere. It was just waiting for you to mature and to plant it in the soil.

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at