Land Transfers for March 30 – April 12

Published 1:18 pm Saturday, April 14, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

March 30-April 12

Lisa McCoy to Ronnie Toler; 2210 Silver Charm Circle; $250,000


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Araminta Mizelle to Michael McGuire; 115 Causey Ave.; $110,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Larry Moores; 5104 Sawgrass Court; $525,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to James Edmundson; 225 Chestnut St.; $38,700

Adam Hunt to Darrell Rice; 100 Graystone Trace Unit 31; $249,900

XB Holdings I LLC to Jabez Enterprises LLC; 1645 Wilroy Road; $130,000

Moody Stallings to Frank Pichel; 7800 Crittenden Road; $782,400

Joshua Duvall to William Miller Jr.; 4601 Maplewood Drive; $203,000

Brent Seusy, trustee, to Jeremiah Slattery; 3027 Silver Charm Circle; $250,000

James Wright to James Durden Jr.; 4054 Vicksburg Road; $100,100

James Ellis to Steve Hamlin; 8787 Adams Drive; $292,000

Shane Danaher to Shaun Adams; 3002 Parkside Circle; $319,000

Perennial LLC to Jesse Finn; 1302 Spencer Court; $132,500

Tyrone Huggins to Nicholas Puckette; 319 Silver Poplar Court; $302,000

Daniel Post to Shawnah Langley; 3002 Newbury Court; $295,000

Fannie Mae to Andrea Singletary; 3106 Driver Station Way; $265,000

Thomas White to Phillip Davis; 1754 Mill Wood Way; $310,000

Marlene Gardner to Custom Builders Express LLC; 7711 Harvest Drive; $30,000

WRS III LLC to Nand LLC: 201 Eley Court; $11,000

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 325 Ben St.; $57,024

Martin Tinkham to Christopher Amenta; 116 Robin Lane; $280,600

Housing Hampton Roads Inc. to                 Lakeisha Staton; 894 Lake Kennedy Drive; $166,000

Kevin Magee to Gerald Gwaltney; 1512 Moores Point Road; $401,000

Denise Freeman to Richard Bone; 302 Peachwood Court; $265,000

William Chorey to Harrison Nelms; 610 Butler Ave.; $264,000

Timothy Dougherty to Donald Lee; 3518 Lingfield Cove; $275,000

Donnie Davis Jr. to Deborah Becker; 2202 Livingston St.; $190,000

Terrie Campbell to Schnitra Johnson; 149 Squire Reach; $149,900

BC Residential LLC to Sasser Construction L.C.; 207 Cove Reach; $1,445,000

William Ridenour Jr. to Richard Stanley; 229 Baron Blvd.; $307,500

John Martin to Kenneth Karp; 2006 Nicklaus Drive; $227,100

Fannie Mae to St. Josephs Reserve LLC; 212 Bank St.; $68,000

Par 5 Development Group LLC to RKP Investments LLC; 6421 Whaleyville Blvd; $1,392,500

Stephen Cone to Tyler Hudson; 362 Bob White Parkway; $366,000

Johnathan Griffin to Robert Meyers; 6442 Olde Bullocks Circle; $325,000

Christopher Ferguson to Jacob Sawyer; 1177 C St.; $225,000

Maison Builders Inc. to Michael Buccola II; 3110 Ibis Blvd.; $379,900

John Hermanson to Robert Lane; 2006 Queens Point Drive; $290,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to Brad Heaney; 5700 Greenwood Road; $378,428

Suffolk-Hillpoint Associates LLC to Jack Miller; 2568 River Watch Drive; $310,900

Casey Stone to Jacob Cohen; 1021 Delaware Ave.; $224,900

October Investments LLC to John Kratz; 2040 Nansemond Parkway; $261,500

Holland Family Properties No. 5 LLC to Daniels Construction Corporation; 623 Ashley Ave.; $10,000

Charles Dankmyer to Debra Mitchum; 8422 S. Quay Road; $137,500

MIBI International LLC to Nikki Wilder; 1219 Truman Road; $149,000

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 3030 Dabney Lane; $348,000

Monica Tipton to Ira Owens; 110 Kennet Drive; $247,000

Benny Small Jr. to Carlton Lillard Jr.; 1010 Greene Chapel Road; $275,000

Malene Bryant to RW Baker and Company; 0.5 acres; $50,000

Cedar Homes LLC to Jasmine Taborn; 4416 Clifton St.; $227,500

Southeastern Virginia Properties to Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC; 3446 Raintree Circle; $266,673

Leverette Harper to William Buckner; 2556 Golden Maple Drive; $277,000

Wendell Johnson to Brian Hudak; 7003 Neal Court; $375,000

Richard Harris to Bianca Wyatt; 4527 Pruden Blvd.; $289,000

Stephanie Bolen to Saverio Daprile II; 2405 Red Oak Lane; $210,000

Union Missionary Baptist Church to Zion Community Ministries; 5132 Nansemond Parkway; $600,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC. to NVR Inc.; 161 Patriots Walke Drive; $88,500

Paul Minihan to Ryan Black; 4609 Schooner Blvd.; $308,000

Charnell Blair to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 3963 Mockingbird Lane; $236,320

Charnell Blair to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 43.06 acres; $309,113

Gary Butler to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 396 Sack Point Road; $44,653

Anthony Deloatch to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1 acre; $250

Carrie Scurry to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 1 acre; $162

Robert Harney II to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 418 Dutch Road; $178

  1. Byrd to Jethro Byrd; Carolina Road; $8,400

Russell Daughtrey to Brain Davis; 102 Edgewood Ave.; $228,500

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Joshua Souza; 1000 Raven Hill Road; $309,900

Hunter Dowdy to Ik Im; 117 Timberneck Arch; $168,500

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Danielle Barkley; 220 Jonathans Way; $220,000

Randolph Hoover to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 106 Knob Hill Lane; $1,177,500

Randolph Hoover to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 106 Knob Hill Lane; $97,500

Coastal VA Homes LLC to Cassandra Tucker; 4285 Cole Ave.; $309,900

Kevin Fox to Christopher Pantschyschak; 3612 Deerfield Drive; $218,000

Thomas Gross to Aaron Griswell; 222 Holladay St.; $143,000

James Proffitt to Donte Owens; 7246 Arrington St.; $249,900

Hans Wittelsberger to Roger Hirsh; 5323 Shoal Creek Road; $425,000

US Bank NA, successor, trustee, to Aron Porter Sr.; 1228 Lake Kennedy Drive; $45,000

Ralph Pauline to Douglas Johnson; 1205 FDR Court; $172,000

Jonathan Fischer to Morgan Whispell; 149 Kristen Lane; $210,000

Morris Holland to Earlene Griffin, trustee; 4410 Quaker Drive; $520,000

Lavon Epps to Brianna Mills; 2104 Redgate Drive; $255,000

William Luke Jr. to Shimon Williams; 3505 Cantering Court; $240,000

Michael Gibbons to Hichem Manai; 106 Lake Front Drive; $294,800

John Snell to Christopher Martinese Jr.; 2472 Joshua Lane; $254,900

Harold Neff to New Chapter Rentals LLC; 4543 Starcher Court; $250,000

Joel Rivera to Carl Lindner; 100 Riverwood Trace; $254,000

Linda Bartlett to Reginald Jones; 174 Greenfield Crescent; $50,000

Danirl Fisher to Amy Carrier; 6200 E. Shallowford Court; $539,900

Timothy Shocklin to Johnathan Griffin; 5322 Marsh Landing Lane; $524,900

Joseph Amico to Earl Clanton Jr.; 154 Ashford Drive; $210,000

Francesco Bommarito to Dorothy Henry; 1201 E. Washington St.; $154,900

Jimme Foss III to Tori Roe; 1026 Snead Drive; $256,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Rusty Smith; 340 Drum Hill Road; $168,000

Barbara Burton to Coastal Virginia Partners LLC; 1419 Holland Road; $475,000

Robert Lee to Nicolette Hook; 207 Causey Ave.; $168,000

Michele Fredericks to Jermaine Moses; 104 Mistral Terrace; $280,000

Janie Brooks to Jose Venegas; 4600 Maplewood Drive; $174,900

Jonathan Lewis to Domenick Epps; 3009 Beech Grove Lane; $265,000