Horseshoes court great investment

Published 9:19 pm Monday, April 16, 2018

A good ol’ game of horseshoes is traditionally the workout of choice for backyard barbecues, but a few folks take it very seriously.

For those who like to play on a horseshoe court with all of the amenities, there aren’t many options in the area. One of them, however, is in Suffolk at Sleepy Hole Park.

That makes Suffolk the host of plenty of state tournament matches throughout the season, which lasts from March through September.


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Unsurprisingly, due to its reputation as a cookout pastime, most people who were playing in a tournament on March 24 said they got into it because family members were into it. And they have stuck with it, despite seeing many of their fellow competitors being lured away by cornhole.

They have stayed for a variety of reasons. It helps keep them active. They meet new people and see new places while traveling to play. They enjoy the camaraderie while playing.

Guy Holley even said it’s great stress relief.

“You can come out and feel free and relieve a lot of stress,” he said.

As they pitched horseshoes at Sleepy Hole Park last month, the folks who participated in the March 24 tournament laughed and talked as the horseshoes clanged against the metal stakes, sent sand flying and knocked the wooden backboard. They were able to do so because of the professional horseshoes court at Sleepy Hole Park, which was a great investment for the city.

Many of the competitors came from outside of the area and no doubt bought gasoline and food while they were in town. The horseshoes court was a small investment that has brought good returns.

The city of Suffolk should be commended for making great use of part of Sleepy Hole Park by putting a horseshoe court there. We hope to see more attractions in the future that will draw even more folks from outside the area.