Land Transfers for April 13-19

Published 4:42 pm Saturday, April 21, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property. April 13-19

Raymond Holmes Jr. to City of Suffolk; 125 Northbrooke Ave.; $200,000

Fannie Mae to Isaac Derego; 2702 Burning Tree Lane; $255,900


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DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. to S4 Enterprises LLC; 8928 River Crescent; $254,826

Penny Pfeil, trustee, to Robin Smith; 117 Military Road; $160,000

Megan Byrd to Michael Justice; 407 Causey Ave.; $65,000

Solomons Builders Inc. to Eric Matsko; 2025 Meadow Country Road; $235,134

BC Residential LLC to Christopher Kait Construction; 107 Creek Lane; $250,000

Luanne Lapoint to Tyler Matthews; 4864 O’Kelly Drive; $279,900

Sharon Robinson to Joseph Joe; 120 Day St.; $2,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Claud Word Jr.; 2222 Humphreys Drive; $219,340

Simple Real Estate Solutions Inc. to Michael Atamanchuck; 2044 Nicklaus Drive; $216,675

Ronnie Mason to Tracy Allen; 3103 Melrose Court; $185,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Darren Hall; 201 Deanes Station Road; $271,000

Mary Berrian to Brian Darden; 311 Bob White Parkway; $332,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Bradshaw Enterprises LLC; 142 Pembroke Lane; $70,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Shavon Lowery; Lot 20A, Block A First Ave.; $2,500

John Oliver Jr. to Frederick Bunner; 201 Turlington Road; $144,900

Audrey Benton to Marion Lilley Jr.; 303 York St.; $22,000

Fannie Mae to Shane Jenkins; 124 Ridgecrest Drive; $145,000

Franklin Lewis Jr. to Tracy Fahey; 413 Quaker Ridge Court; $376,000

Philip Fahringer to Cartus Financial Corporation; 6300 Compass Court; $542,500

Barbara Jordan to Elizabeth Mercer; 2010 Nicklaus Drive; $221,000

Robert Richardson to Gordon Hostettler, trustee; 101 Foxcroft Road; $150,000

Chadd Wright to Kyle Sutton; 2632 Desert Road; $210,000

Christopher Errington to Torrey Woodhouse; 102 Torrington Circle; $471,400

Jennifer Davie to Michael Brown, trustee; 2061 Brians Lane; $299,900

Charles Dankmyer to Michael Hihn; 3329 Mintonville Point Drive; $359,000

Shaun Adams to Stan Williams; 4729 Camellia Drive; $170,000

Aaron Meyer to Anthony Lovato; 410 Collier Crescent; $194,158

Jack McLelland to Joshua Herron; 145 Dana Drive; $241,000

Abraham Jackson to Trystan Wagstrom; 2553 Golden Maple Drive; $250,000

Joseph Gray Jr. to Ronald Smith; 3332 Sleepy Hole Road; $125,100

Paul Greene to Ronnie Winslow; 301 Constance Woods Drive; $174,000

Earl Stahler to Joe-Paul Johnson; 2817 Cuttysark Lane; $249,000

GHH Loudon High LLC to Mike Duman Real Estate LLC; 147 E. Washington St.; $275,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to William Kovalik; 104 Farrand Drive; $313,400

Alfred Hedgepeth to Whitney Underwood; 8343 Pineview Road; $250,000

LVTC Two LLC to Commonwealth of Virginia Depa…; 7509 Burbage Drive; $16,349,966

Bank of America to AMW Best Homes LLC; 403 Pleasant St.; $9,350

Hampton Roads Holding Company to James Macadam; 1848 Oyster Bay Lane; $319,900

Morris Holland to Janice Spangenburg; 1498 Lummis Road; $480,000

Ryan Daniels to Ronald Aylward; 493 E. Glen Haven Road; $320,000

Green Expectations Inc. to Chad Fox; 977 Kings Fork Road; $265,989

Harbour View Limited Partnership to Zane Shuck; 4107 River Park Drive; $675,000

Kenya Williams to Gordon Parker Jr.; 4030 Abercorn Ave.; $227,000

Andrew Wiggins to Thomas McClure; 285 Burnetts Mill Way; $175,000

Nicholas Malokofsky to Eric Watson; 1764 Mill Wood Way; $320,000

Linda Reynolds to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 183.66 acres; $67,275

EMS LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 158.59 acres; $680,600

EMS LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 158.59 acres; $32,457

Frank Rawls, trustee, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 3488 Godwin Blvd.; $32,500

17-30A LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 3548 Matoaka Road; $373,449

17-24 LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 89.3 acres; $303,077

17-21 LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 32.16 acres; $86,225

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Austin Caldwell; 3503 Sedgefield St.; $272,800

Patriot Reality Inc. to AB Homes LLC; Dutch Road; $120,000

Doris Roberts, heir, to Patrick Porter; 3904 Glenwood Drive; $179,900

Ernest Chambers to Karen Munson Realty LLC; 6211 Heather Glen Drive; $170,500

Paul Garrison to Eric Devlin; 117 Jester Circle; $199,000