Roc Solid builds playset

Published 5:46 pm Saturday, April 21, 2018

Shyanne Bradshaw stepped out of the limousine with her pink blindfold on as her mother led her into the backyard of the family’s home in the Whaleyville area.

Once Shyanne turned the corner and took off her mask, she saw a brand-new playset sitting in what used to be an empty space.

Roc Solid Foundation and All First Industrial Contractors partnered on Saturday to build Shyanne a new playset — and to give her family a small piece of happiness that could distract them from the rest of the world.


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Shyanne, 8, was diagnosed with ameloblastoma on Oct. 10, and she has been receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments since the diagnosis.

“I am really excited,” Shyanne said. “I love everything.”

The Roc Solid Foundation put Shyanne and her family in a limo Saturday morning for a trip to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and, later, bowling.

The team of All First employees spent four hours putting the playset together and beautifying the front and back yards.

“Our goal is to build hope for kids with cancer,” said Brian Canfield with Roc Solid. “We want to love these families and bring them something normal to their lives.”

What made this more special for every All First employee was that P.J. Bradshaw, Shyanne’s dad, is one of their own. Since the Bradshaw family is part of the All First family, they gave them a little bit extra.

Mission BBQ catered the event as a surprise, and the group had live music playing when the family arrived.

“We love to give back to the community, and this allows us to be involved,” All First owner Les Hall said. “She’s a cute kid, and this is a wonderful distraction for everything they are going through. Roc Solid is our favorite organization.”

Those at All First were happy to help out a friend and his family.

“With Roc Solid we got to be a part of the whole process — beginning, middle and end,” said James Templeton. “It’s fulfilling to give her play time back, because cancer takes away so much. It’s nice to give them a few minutes to not think about their battles.”

“This was not my first build, but it’s full of different emotions,” said All First volunteer coordinator Dawn Young. “It’s an amazing feeling being a part of something that is so special in their lives.”

More than 50 volunteers from All First helped put Shyanne’s playset together, and Roc Solid provided the tools to make it all possible.

Roc Solid Foundation, based in Western Branch, has traveled across the country to provide children with pediatric cancer a playset or room makeovers.