A land deferred

Published 9:32 pm Saturday, April 28, 2018

By Ariane Williams

As a little girl, I loved the country. For me, the country represented a chance of freedom; the country represented a vision of an expanded land. I learned to hear the story of the roots in the ground. The story of their growth.

Fast-forward. While I am excited about the length of the land, I can feel the depths of the land within my spirit. I stop for a moment to think, “How do I recover a deferred land?” When a thing is deferred, it is postponed for maintenance, growth and watering. You must understand that there is a journey that must take place before you can get to your land vision. It is during the process of the journey that you must follow the path no matter what obstacles from the land stare you in the face.

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I had a dream one night that there were a lot of people riding on a bus. They traveled and traveled, and then there was an abrupt stop. When they got to the appointed destination, it was a beautiful land. The land was green; it was a prosperous land. As the people explored the land, I watched and waited for something. When the people came back, they stood by a tree, waiting for something to come. As they waited, each person grabbed a stick. I could hear snapping and cracking as each person claimed his or her stick. The sticks were different sizes, but each person was content with his or her choice. A bus soon arrived, and the people boarded the bus. Some people stayed behind; I could not understand why? Those people did not have a stick. Then, I understood that there was a new vision that was transforming. Those people who stayed behind had passed their sticks so that others could lead in their land once they got back to their appointed destination. It is okay to pass the stick in the process of moving forward.

No one can take your land, as you are destined to lead in your land. The land was already given to you; you just have to learn how to maintain it. Sometimes, people do not come back to their land because they become afraid of the maintenance. You may feel like your land has been left uncovered, but it was not. Land is solid. Your vision is solid. Go back to your land in this season and survey it. If there is poison on your land, identify it. Face it. Remove it. Do not leave your vision unattended because unwanted visitors will try to control your land and will eventually try to take over your land. There is value in your land. Stand bold. Stand firm. A land deferred is not a land that is lost.

It is important to determine how you want to live on your land and in your land. How will you go back to fix your land? What will you remove from your land? Did you know that farmers try not to plant the same crops in the same place year after year because it depletes the nutrients? Therefore, you might have to plant some things in some new places in this season. Change your strategy. Your land needs a double covering as you must continue to add nutrients to your vision as it develops. Your land is no longer deferred, so go back and get it. Be bold in your walk in this season and stand up to speak over your land.

Your task this week is to find a stick of your choice. Allow that stick to be a reminder that you will lead in this season. You are a leader. Once you get that stick, attach a word to that stick. Every time you pick up that stick, you will be reminded that you will lead in this season. Your vision will lead. Your land will be expanded in this season. You must also remember that everyone who steps on your land will not help you maintain it, so be careful.

Your land is no longer deferred. It is being expedited; it is being promoted. This is your season of Moses. Stand up. Hold your stick. Be content with your stick. Lead. Your land deferred is now a land that has breath again, so breathe on it and watch it grow.

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at arianewilliams810@yahoo.com.