Land Transfers for April 27- May 3

Published 3:35 pm Sunday, May 6, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

April 27 – May 3

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One to William Oliver; 206 Ivystone Reach; $325,150


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US Bank National Association to Select Portfolio Servicing Inc.; 3704 Adams Swamp Road; $61,500

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Schaun Thomas; 202 Reservoir Lane; $314,646

David Griffin to Derek Delange; 6202 Winthrope Drive; $317,000

Planters Station LLC to Thomas Trail; 119 Station Drive; $359,550

Lori Blinn to REI Holdings LLC; 4975 Holy Neck Road; $110,000

Gary Howorka to Herbert Jones; 1213 B St.; $175,000

Stephen McCusker to Timothy Day; 6408 Olde Bullocks Circle; $276,500

NVR Inc. to Henrik Williams; 315 W. Constance Road; $231,478

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One to John Cowcer Jr.; 207 Cobblestone Reach; $326,090

Karen McCann to Shirley Knox; 705 E. Riverview Drive; $229,500

Linda Hyatt to Linwood Fulp III; 2692 River Watch Drive; $312,000

Diane Byrd to Anthony Asaro; 407 S. Broad St.; $119,900

Richard Matthews to Crosspointe Free Will Baptist Church; 201 Edward Ave.; $170,700

Professional Foreclosure Corporation to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 703 Ashley Ave.; $110,946

Ronnie Ford to Roshawn Holland; 5002 Middlecoff Lane; $240,000

Daniels Construction Corp. to Shantia Scott; 313 Van Buren Ave.; $152,900

Paul Harris Jr. to Alyssa Milanese; 1005 Silver Charm Circle; $258,000

Colleen Symansky to Michelle Kuperminc; 933 Vineyard Place; $241,900

Daniels Construction Corp. to Michael Rogers; 1213 Truman Road; $189,900

Antoinette Utter to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 5206 Shoal Creek Road; $10

Sharon Brashear to Katherine Castaneda; 6701 Lake Cove Court; $274,000

Evelyn Cromartie, trustee, to Jerome Artis; 3501 Sandown Cove; $291,000

Suffolk Fairgrounds Properties to EWS Properties III LLC; 201 E. Washington St.; $82,000

Paula Jernigan to George Best; 2829 Heritage Drive; $242,000

Clara Woodley to Nand LLC; 708 Brook Ave.; $21,000

Caryn Kelly to Jared Martin; 282 Burnetts Way; $138,000

Kevin Paveglio to Tyron Rice; 203 Golden Sunset Lane; $379,900

Anne Austin to Robert Guide; 256 Wexford Drive W.; $143,000

David Kelley to Christopher Lambert; 3605 Pasture Cove; $223,800

NVR Inc. to Jay Dorschel; 315 W. Constance Road; $216,990

Linda Brandon to Charles O’Quinn III; 959 Kings Fork Road; $130,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to James Goben; 109 Farrand Drive; $319,900

Sarah Ivey to Joshua Gilliam; 342 Canaan Circle; $300,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to 124 LLC; 2024 Sweetwood Drive; $244,100

Mary Davis to Kim Lauterbach; 300 Bridlewood Lane; $412,500

BSJ LLC to Carlton Ragland; 106 Torrington Circle; $149,500

Wilmington Saving Fund Society to Brenda Hanvey; 2200 Stuart Ave.; $129,900

Morris Glover Sr. to Terry Roop; 6801 Quince Road; $45,000

Richard Pond III to Dana Protsman; 4416 Kendal Way; $358,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 249 Kilby Shores Drive; $10

Pericles Christodoulias to Centerbooke Self Storage LLC; 1036 Centerbrooke Lane; $355,000

Supervalu Holdings Inc. to Harris Teeter Properties LLC; 5661 Shoulders Hill Road; $6,000,000

William Kyle to Arthur Gonzales; 5102 Keswick Court; $370,000

Daniel Lougen to Hugh Long; 1628 W. Adams Drive; $419,000

Dorothy McGuire to Corey Harris; 3025 Catalina Ave.; $175,000

Tahir Abdur-Rashid to March Swamp Plantation LLC; 10601 Ellis Road; $21,000

Theodore Howard Jr. to Michael Adeszko; 1805 Savoy Court; $234,900

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Robert Camp Jr.; 211 Cobblestone Reach; $288,800

Jason Crawford to Reid Derco; 5018 Prestwick St.; $220,000

Matthew Otesile to Erik Edwards; 4003 Burr Oak Place; $255,000

Next One LLC to Joseph Kreidler Jr.; 6501 Everets Road; $294,000

Deron Coleman to Stephen McCusker; 6812 Ivanhoe Court; $310,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Andrew Duck; 3865 Whaleyville Blvd.; $218,000

Current Homes LLC to Katelyn G. Dubrey Moore; 5513 Lake Road; $232,000

Goetzke McMurtrey LLC to Patsy Delucia; 7008 Ruritan Blvd.; $85,000

Jacob Bassett to Teddy Villarson; 3014 Duke of Norfolk St.; $219,900

Ashley Perry to Andrenita Stewart; 2115 Gentry St.; $156,000

Damon Bender to Daniel Shawhan; 6212 Heather Glen Drive; $172,000