Mother’s Day celebrated at Autumn Care

Published 9:55 pm Friday, May 11, 2018

Mother’s Day festivities started a little early at the Autumn Care long-term care facility thanks to Suffolk’s Sheriff Department.

The Sheriff’s Office on Thursday presented Mother’s Day cards to the women at the facility, and they had just about 80 cards that came from students at Elephant’s Fork Elementary School.

Sheriff E.C. Harris, Katie Jones, and two deputies — Wade Thomas and Eddie Harville — walked up and down the hallways making sure all of the women received a Mother’s Day card.


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“It’s stuff like this that really makes everything else work so well,” Harville said.

As they walked through the facility, Harris and his deputies stopped in other rooms to see their “regulars” and make sure they were doing OK.

There are certain individuals that Harris makes sure to check on every time he comes to visit. Some of these people he has been visiting for years, and he even knows some of their family.

The Suffolk’s Sheriff’s Office regularly finds itself at Autumn Care to deliver gifts, cards and, most importantly, a friendly conversation.

“It’s really always a pleasure to have them here to pass out really anything,” said Celeste Alston. “They always come several times a year.”

Most of those living at Autumn Care were excited to get the cards, and a few even shed a tear to see the beautiful cards the children had made.

“This is like our adopted home,” said Katie Jones, the community engagement coordinator for the Sheriff’s Office.

The deputies made sure to make each and every one feel special. Harville told every woman that she was appreciated and not forgotten.

“The best thing about this is the smiles. This really brightens my day, and I probably enjoy this more than they do,” Harris said.

Even if women weren’t in their room, the deputies made sure to place cards on their beds for them so they didn’t miss out in the merriment. Any extra cards were given to the staff at Autumn Care.

Among the cards were a few done exclusively in Spanish by Spanish-speaking students at Elephant’s Fork.

“The students even did cards in Spanish just in case,” Jones said. “They were so excited to make them.”

The sheriff’s office will be back again soon for Father’s Day, because the kids at Elephant’s Fork have already pre-made the cards for the occasion.