‘Stay off my lawn’

Published 10:54 pm Monday, May 14, 2018

To the editor:

I watched with some amusement as Mark Warner spoke, I think, a bit disrespectfully to the candidate for CIA director on nationwide television during the recent confirmation hearings this past week.

This woman probably has more experience in government than 10 Mark Warners, is very possibly smarter than him and definitely showed more class. On top of that, Mark showed his lack of professionalism by taking the opportunity to publicly take a cheap shot at the President of the United States. Personally I found that to be cowardly and insulting to make such a remark about our Commander in Chief.


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The Democrats wanted everyone to do their best to support former President Barack Obama, but when the country decided they wanted a Republican president to lead us out of the mess of the last eight years, the liberal Democrat politicians couldn’t handle it. As many have said since Day One, the Democrats have never even once lauded the president for his obvious achievements but instead have waged what appears to be a personal war against Mr. Trump. It’s as if their only goal is to remove Donald Trump from office even at the cost of the country suffering from it. To me it’s nothing less than shameful, and I pray more Americans will remember this foolishness when it’s time for the November elections.

For Sen. Mark Warner, I have never asked anything of you, except now I do have but one request, “Stay off my lawn Mark.”

Ed Fancher