Keep your eyes forward

Published 6:03 pm Saturday, May 19, 2018

By Ariane Williams

Do not be fooled by distractions, as they come in familiar disguises. You must sharpen your spirit of discernment in this season of keeping your eyes forward. There comes a time when we must pull over on the “side road” to assess and fix our damages. One distraction after the next.

I was almost home when I experienced a tire blowout. It was unexpected. It delayed my plans. My hazard lights were flashing; my vehicle was slowing down, but it was still rolling. Sometimes, you just got to keep on rolling until you get to a stopping point. I made it to a driveway. Got out. Stood there for a moment watching the cars pass me by.


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It is OK for you to let some things pass you by. Praise break. As I was talking to my husband on the phone, a man stops to help. He immediately took out a big bag of tools and started the process to remove my damaged tire. When my husband arrived, they began to work together. My husband had tools that the man did not have, and the man had tools that my husband did not have. They both had what was needed to remove the damaged tire — two complete strangers working together to supply a need.

What tools do you have to remove the damaged tires — or distractions — in your life? Take a moment to think about what needs to be removed from your life. Do not think about it too long, because you need to keep your eyes forward.

In the midst of the many distractions during that day, there were also hidden blessings that I failed to recognize. We fail to recognize hidden blessings when we keep our eyes focused on the distractions and not on the promise to supply the need.

When I pulled to the side, the other cars that were being held up by me were able to move freely again. It was something about the free movement that captured my spirit at that moment. Just because the cars were passing me by did not mean that I was forgotten. You are not forgotten. I made it to my destination, although it may have taken a little bit longer. Sometimes, we must learn to wait in the process for the needed tools and get out of the way.

Distractions manipulate the flesh and will move your thoughts backwards and try to challenge your identity. I was worried about the traffic behind me. I was worried about possible car accidents. I was worried about what needed to be done at home. I was distracted. We have to learn to put on our hazard lights — or discernment — when our spirits are being challenged by distractions.

How are you responding to your blowouts? Identify why your spiritual hazard lights are flashing. Put the Word on it and let the Word fight it. Blowouts happen every day to test your spiritual fighting skills. It is on the side road that the road of life may seem long when it is only testing your spiritual reflexes of discernment.

A lot of times, we do not see things coming from the back. It will eventually come to the front, and you will confront it with the Word. Hold your identity in the midst of a distraction. We must remember to keep our corners covered at all times, because blowouts will come from every angle. Do not discount strangers during this process, because they will be sent to aid you on the side of the road so that you will rise and arrive at your increase. A bag of tools can fix you and snap you into your blessing.

What I thought was going to be a peaceful ride home turned into a fixing and an adjusting to the spirit. When you see a distraction coming, identify it head on. Hold onto the truth. Keep your fists up. The Holy Spirit will move your fists for you. Remember that David removed Saul’s armor. Stop wearing false armor in this season. Be truth. Face the giants in your life wearing your own armor. Defend your purpose. Tires fixed.


Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at