Sow but keep working

Published 7:22 pm Saturday, May 26, 2018

By Domenick Epps

For the first time in my life, I’m excited about rain. It used to be that I didn’t care much about seeing rain in the forecast, because it either meant the football game was canceled or delayed, the cookout was canceled, or mom not wanting to take me anywhere because it’s raining outside.

But now, when I see rain in the forecast, I get excited. Why is that? It’s because I planted some seeds in the ground. And because I planted the seeds, with the rain I now expect a harvest. But the rain alone does not mean that I can no longer work the ground.


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Weeds will continue to attempt to grow, but it’s my job to protect the harvest by providing ground maintenance. You have planted. The issue has never been the amount of seed you’ve sown. For some, you have sowed and sowed and sowed and you got frustrated when the results were contrary. But you’ve sowed. The issue is not in the sowing, but the continued maintenance.

The way you manage what you sowed will determine what you harvest. Therefore, with the sowing also comes responsibility.

Domenick Epps is a Suffolk resident, real estate agent and youth pastor. Email him at