Stop the violence cookout set

Published 10:11 pm Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The family of a gun violence victim will host its own Stop the Violence cookout in Suffolk this Saturday.

Ryshen Miller and Meredith Manley were motivated to have the cookout after they had received help from the Stop the Violence 757 group in Portsmouth where their brother and son, Terrence Hoggard, was killed.

“I want them to know the violence doesn’t just affect the person doing it, it affects everyone,” Miller said.


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Hoggard was 23 when he was killed outside of Roger Brown’s Restaurant and Sports Bar in Portsmouth. He was shot on Thanksgiving Day in 2015.

This Stop the Violence cookout will be a day to bring support to families that have been affected by the violence. Miller wants the cookout and the group to reach out and make sure families are OK, just like the group in Portsmouth has done for her and her family.

“I kind of feel that Suffolk doesn’t have that support out here,” Miller said. “I hope that it brings out more relief and more comfort. I want it to bring family and friends together.”

Miller wants people to see the Stop the Violence group in Suffolk become an extended family for those that will attend.

DaTwan Artis and Anita Hardy, along with others, will be speaking at the cookout. Artis is a mentor with My Brotherhood Mentoring Inc., and Hardy leads the Black Women Movement. Suffolk Police will be there to speak about gang violence in the city.

The cookout will be free to guests attending, and all of the food and drinks will be free to guests as well.

The cookout will be at Lake Meade Park, 201 Holly Lawn Parkway, from 1 to 6 p.m.

The Stop the Violence movement was originally created by rapper KRS-One back in 1987. The movement was created in response to violence in the hip-hop and black communities.