Punctured: Not again, but why not?

Published 8:22 pm Saturday, June 2, 2018

By Ariane Williams

Allowing air to escape through a small hole is known as a puncture. It was in my last article that I spoke about the effects of a blowout. The spare got me to the place where I needed to go to recover a new tire.

Today, I want to encourage you to not forget about the spares in your life that will get you to the place of recovery. Drive life cautiously, because punctures will come.


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My husband noticed that the new tire was looking a little low. Wait, not the tire that made me feel safe on the road again? My focus was wrong. Just because something is new does not mean that it will function like new. I was on my way to an event. The tire looked a little low, but I could get to where I was going with no problem. I had no intentions of putting air in the tire. I leaned over and noticed that there was a screw lodged into my new tire. I had to adjust my plans to address the problem. Are your screws on the surface or are they hidden on the side? Do you have intentions on removing your screws?

I called my husband and told him about the screw. My husband explained to me that if it was on the side, then we would have to buy a new tire. Just because you get back on track does not mean that your new tire cannot get punctured with a screw.

Yes, the enemy will test you to derail you. Do not let screws derail you: people, financial issues, illnesses, depression, anxiety — just to list a few. The day that I got the original blowout, I was frustrated. My frustration became my preparation in disguise. Your frustration is preparing you for your walk in.

You see, there is a walk in that takes place after a puncture. I could not identify the problem during the first blowout. This time, I was able to identify the issue quickly. Preparation. We must learn to be prepared for the screws that will come to puncture us during the journey. For a couple of days, I noticed the air pressure light, but I ignored it. In the middle of an alignment, your pressure light will come on to test your spiritual reflexes. You are just adjusting to your purpose.

There was a process in removing the screw so that the damage did not spread. My husband located the screw, then he pulled it out with pliers. However, he had to move quickly, because the tire began to lose air. A tool was then placed in the tire to clean and extend the size of the hole. He then used a looped tool. He had to put a strip along with rubber cement at the end of the tool. Stick it through the hole to plug it. The puncture was sealed, and the tire was able to hold air again. From a spare to a new tire to a puncture, you will be sealed and will hold on to your vision.

It is not uncommon for your tire (spirit) to become tired (tested). Your screw is on the surface. Use the pliers, which is the Word, to remove it. Be prepared for the fast flow of air that will come out. Clean it out. Put the foundation on it. Your vision is now plugged. It will fit and stick. Your task this week is to take a trip to a hardware store and purchase seven different screws. Put them in a bag and attach these words on the bag: The screws of life will not puncture me. It may take some strength to remove the screws, but with some deep pulling with your pliers along with confidence, they will eventually have to move. Punctured. Not again, but why not?

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at arianewilliams810@yahoo.com.