Creekside student designs book cover

Published 9:44 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Creekside Elementary School student recently won a contest to design the front cover of Myron Campbell’s new children’s book “Melvin Learns to Code.”

Cameron Waters, 8, had his submission chosen from among 500 from five different schools entered into the competition.

Campbell has been visiting Creekside Elementary as part of a reading initiative with his foundation, Differences Foundation, and he decided to employ the students’ creativity for the third book in the series.


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“I already went to the school and read with my youth reading initiative for my first two books. I told the kids it was a book design contest, and Mr. Cameron Waters was the lucky winner,” Campbell said. “His design was similar to the ideas I had, and he hit the nail on the head.”

Campbell has read his first two books, “Melvin Learns How to Swim” and “Melvin Goes to the Ballpark,” to the students at Creekside.

Cameron’s design features Melvin sitting at a desk in front of a computer with a lot of tiny details throughout the piece.

“The little details he put on the one-sheeter are phenomenal,” Campbell said. “It really stood out to me, and it was unanimous to pick the design.”

Campbell will meet with his illustrators to bring Cameron’s design to life on the cover of the new book.

Along with winning the cover design contest, Cameron will also be featured in the book as a character, and Creekside won books for every kid to take home during the summertime.

Campbell and his foundation did a book drive to get books for Creekside for the students to bring home, and they got almost 2,000 books. They were able to give at least one book to every student at Creekside for the summer.

“I’m excited about it because the whole school might read it,” Cameron said.

The book will be coming out in the late summer, and students will get the chance to read it when school goes back in session in the fall.