PTA president wins volunteer award

Published 9:33 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Creekside Elementary School PTA President Christine Richards recently was selected the Southeastern District PTA Volunteer of the Year.

The PTA was almost shut down for the school year at Creekside due to a lack of participation, but Richards stepped up as president and had an exceptional first year in PTA.

“I didn’t even know the award existed, because I haven’t been a part of the PTA before,” Richards said. “It was a surprise, and I was shocked.”


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The minute Richards joined the PTA, she hit the ground running, and she has been involved in plenty of volunteer opportunities and learning more about the PTA.

She has participated in a toy drive, provided backpacks to children, provided Thanksgiving meals and volunteered in the community.

“I’ve done a lot of stuff within the school as well,” Richards said. “Anything they ask me to do, I help and volunteer.”

Along with the volunteer work, she has been completing programs within the PTA. She is currently earning a “master’s degree” with the PTA.

To continue through the levels, parents have to complete certain activities and participate in online learning.

“It just shows that you’re committed,” Richards said.

The PTA is important to Richards, and she believes it’s important for the students at Creekside as well.

“PTA does a lot for our students,” Richards said. “They fund outreach programs, and they do a lot of incentive programs with the school. We also work alongside teachers as support.”

Richards plans to continue with the PTA while her daughter is at Creekside for the next two years, and she will continue with the PTA in middle school.

“I’m happy knowing the kids are happy when we go and do things,” Richards said. “It’s great to see their smiles on their faces, because sometimes they don’t get to have fun outside of the school. It makes me happy to bring fun and excitement to learning.”