Congratulations to graduates

Published 10:07 pm Saturday, June 9, 2018

Suffolk’s class of 2018 has graduated, with more than 1,000 students heading off into the world well-prepared for higher education, military service, the workforce, family, friendship and service to others.

Suffolk Public Schools graduated a whopping 950 or so students on Saturday, while 74 turned their tassels at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy last month and Suffolk Christian Academy turned out eight on June 2.

For the parents and grandparents, it probably seems like it all happened in the blink of an eye. For the graduates themselves, it probably seemed like it would never get here.

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But they are now officially off on their life’s journey, and there’s so much promise for the future in these 1,032 young people.

These young people will be the future of Suffolk and of many places around the world. From this group will come important contributions to every area of life and many different careers. There will be scientists, mathematicians, architects, teachers, firefighters and police officers, sailors and soldiers and airmen and Marines and Coastguardsmen, artists, writers, politicians, nurses, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, manufacturers, chefs and many more of the careers that make the world go ‘round.

More importantly, these young people will continue developing their good character, give of their talents in service to their fellow man, be great friends and loyal family members, be informed and active citizens and eventually become loving mothers and fathers who raise the next great generation.

There will be successes and setbacks of all sorts, but we know these graduates are properly equipped to handle whatever life throws their way with grace, dignity and perseverance.

Many congratulations to the class of 2018! We can’t wait to see what you do in the future.