Land Transfers for June 1-7

Published 9:23 pm Saturday, June 9, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 1 to 7

Sheniece Bryant FKA to Casey Gardner; 945 Vineyard Place; $247,000

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Christopher McDowell to Laguna Foster; 103 Windsor Court; $360,000

Custom Builders Express LLC to William Weaver; 7711 Harvest Drive; $249,300

Barry McCulloch to Stephen Olson; 401 Keaton Way; $240,000

Thomas Creamer to Kelsey Littlefield; 205 Hackberry Court; $304,900

Mary Davis to Judith Peters; 309 St. James Ave.; $75,000

Anna Marie by Audrey Yeates to Brian Temple; 5517 Cavalier Road; $193,050

Charlotte Lowe to Daniel Reyman; 1934 Carolina Road; $129,950

Dillon Revelle, successor trustee, to Blanche Cartos; 213 Northbrook Ave.; $200,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Dennis Parker; 700 Dumville Ave.; $231,000

James Wilkins to Nurya Maza; 2211 Livingston St.; $207,000

Hugh Long Sr. to Steven Mack; 6208 Oaken Gate Drive S.; $340,000

Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to John Price; 4052 Kingston Parkway; $274,037

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Matthew Harris; 703 Ashley Ave.; $149,400

JP Brooks LLC to Diana Bryant; 130 Military Road; $259,000

Zachary Patterson to Eric Jennings; 5064 Kelso St.; $270,000

Darrell Gardner to Walter Dlima; 155 Asheford Drive; $235,000

Robert Beuerlein to Eric Watkins; 2051 Indian Point Road; $358,900

Linda Whitney to Matthew Glassman; 124 Torrington Circle; $580,000

Tyrone Campbell to Waqas Ali; 307 Canaan Circle; $302,000

NVR Inc. to George Lawrence; 3021 Dabney Lane; $283,206

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 2008 Anthony Place; $225,400

AB Homes LLC to Collins Creech; 1920 Meadow Country Road; $259,700

Hastings and Sons’ LLC to Dominick Bennett; 50 Brown Lane; $285,000

PRP Capital LLC to Samuel Moore III; 2006 Livingston St.; $208,000

Steve Smith to Michele Phelps; 2009 Augusta Court; $261,000

Solomons Builders Inc. to Theodore Ott; 3007 Campbell Lake Lane; $70,000

Richard Pollock to Solomon Drake; 5128 Harbor Road; $325,000

William Franklin Jr. to William Franklin; 1424 Planters Drive; $154,650

Benjamin Otteni to Michelle Perello; 322 Turnstone Drive; $829,500

Kevin Bittle to James Carmody; 201 Osprey Court; $460,000

Joseph Kriz to Dalton Stoltz; 7004 Porthole Place; $325,000

Jacob Koman to Michael Shenk; 207 Millwheel Court; $225,000

Sarah Barnes to Ronald Bryant; 2060 Meadow Country Road; $240,000

Ehlman Properties LLC to Em Nguyen; 517 S. Main St.; $20,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 117 Freedom Lane; $177,000

Kevin Wilson to Kevin Wilson; 120 Eagle Lane; $53,700

Robert Thompson to Manolito Camilleri; 6050 Knotts Neck Road; $294,000

John Deguiseppe to Jonathan Hamilton; 2049 Queens Point Road; $240,000

Michael Spruill to Federico Bolques; 2225 White Marsh Road; $32,000

Brian Costa to Robert Murrell; 924 Vineyard Place; $299,000

Nicholas Haney to Robert Danielson; 4015 Sleepy Hole Road; $360,000

Jeffrey White to Freedom Mortgage Corporation; 3455 Raintree Circle; $457,848

Pearl Thomas to Curtis Mehalko; 4444 Butler Drive; $43,000

Jason Malecki to Matthew Lelegren; 138 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $237,250

Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 3455 Raintree Circle; $457,848

NVR Inc. to Williams Cribb; 315 W. Constance Road; $217,740

BCS Homes LLC to Jesse McAllister; 202 Triton Road; $367,345

Kimberly Foreman to Erin Morrissey; 4637 Magnolia Drive; $175,000

Gene Marc to Robert Hudson; 145 Kennet Drive; $272,000

Just Right Homes LLC to James Thomason; 103 Emerald Court; $279,900

Melissa Nicolas to Joseph Cannerelli; 164 Graystone Trace; $225,000

Rosa Powell to Satisfied Home Builders LLC; Lots 98 and 99 Townpoint Road; $61,500

James Johnson to Randal Bliefernich; 400 E. Constance Road; $122,500

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Sean Kemp; 2231 Humphreys Drive; $192,357

Stuart Resor to Willis Taylor; 1552 Steeple Drive; $258,000

Mark Turner to Matthew Wilde; 3004 Parkside Circle; $311,000

Paul Warren to Robert Van; 108 Ryan Arch; $289,000

Joseph Petroski to Andrew Hoover; 1613 Jackson Road; $290,000

Kennan Gibby to Christopher Treager; 135 Graystone Trace; $236,000