Land Transfers for June 15-21

Published 7:25 pm Saturday, June 23, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 15 to 21

Suntrust Bank to ABNB Federal Credit Union; 5091 Harbour View Blvd.; $1,775,000

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TJL Enterprises Inc. to Widener Corporation; 1040 Cathedral Drive; $150,000

Ronak O’Toole to Steven Grieme; 120 Whimbrel Drive; $423,000

Robert Mann to Eugene Ricks Jr.; 203 Oak St.; $90,000

Christopher Andrews to Brian Sanchez; 202 Millwheel Court; $208,000

Wayne Courtney to William Martin; 3600 Pittmantown Road; $369,900

Gladys Riddick to Charles Parr Sr.; 117 Pine St.; $20,000

Jesse Langkil to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 7860 Quince Road; $5,850

Petrina Chapman to New Road Development LLC; 0 New Road; $58,927

Loretta Cargille to Birdsong Corporation; 304 Mulberry St.; $41,800

Wirth Holdings LLC to Melissa Jackson; 4019 Michael Drive; $450,525

Planters Station LLC to Corey Taylor Sr.; 111 Station Drive; $377,725

Robert Davis, trustee, to Joseph Struzzieri; 1206 Pitchkettle Farms Lane; $379,750

Charlotte Scott to Daniel Schuette; 8978 River Crescent Drive; $302,500

Anthony Bowers to Ernest Grindle; 2436 Nansemond Parkway; $110,000

Jabez Enterprises LLC to River Creek LLC; 1645 Wilroy Road; $170,000

Marvin Barnes to Shawn Mosby Bell; 2011 Mill Lake Road; $325,000

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Nicholas Spargrove; 3907 Pughsville Road; $249,900

Raymi Garcesbrioso to Jeremy McCoy; 2115 Redgate Drive; $307,000

Mary Cobb to William Taylor; 1405 Boonetown Road; $175,000

Charles Mertz to Bernard Duysings; 5817 Knotts Neck Road; $334,900

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Kalita Foster; 2237 Humphreys Drive; $203,220

Zermon Drummond to Raponzo Streeter; 3214 Clearcreek Road; $302,000

Linda Reddick to Samuel Ballard; 3722 Finish Line Arch; $298,000

Jerred Williams to Thomas Pluim II; 3412 Raintree Circle; $430,000

Audrey Flowers to Just Right Homes LLC; 144 Ashford Drive; $149,900

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Stephanie Rupe; 301 Military Road; $135,000

Morgan Coartney to Paul Mykleby; 4640 Schooner Blvd.; $243,750

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Pernell Denson Jr.; 119 Farrand Drive; $334,010

Todd McDonald to Joseph Branham; 2251 Hosier Road; $229,500

Matthew Foreman to April Gatlin; 4015 Burr Oak Place; $255,000

Landi Willie to Ywain Young; Vacant Lot Monticello View Road; $18,100

Grove Avenue Developers Inc. to Hillpoint Estates North LLC; $240,000

Leif King to Darrell Johnson; 3617 Blue Stem Court; $574,900

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Raymond Chan; 200 Ivystone Reach; $330,350

Robert Catuska to Elizabeth James; 5916 Vernon Drive; $170,000

Jamie Durden to Adrian Bravo; 116 Herman Court; $250,000

Carter Schmidt to Scott Olson; 8953 River Crescent Drive; $310,000

Nathanial Novak to Patrick Titus; 144 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $247,000

James Durden Jr. to Michele McCoy; 2382 Cherry Grove Road; $446,913

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Davis Revocable Living Trust; 4037 Kingston Parkway; $287,460

Ronald Lebude to Jimmie Humphrey; 4713 Schooner Blvd.; $315,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to SOVA Home Buyers LLC; 814 Seminole Drive; $152,700

William Creekmore to Sean Reinert; 323 York St.; $119,900

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 205 Patriots Walke Drive; $88,500

James Turner to Rudolph Skinner; 2220 Florida Ave.; $12,500

Susan Robinson to Ples Hodges; 3014 Parkside Circle; $435,000

Matthew Dize to Ross Leventhal; 9206 Dixon Drive; $231,500

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Isaiah McHerrin; 208 Reservoir Lane; $301,205

John Janssen to Shamia Hunt; 148 Mallard Drive; $195,000

Thomas Towne to Kristin Cote; 5027 Kings Grant Circle; $298,500

Robert Dinwoodie II to Dester Fernandez; 215 Rockwood Place; $243,000

Thomas Holdings LLC to Rose Menil; 2723 Burning Tree Lane; $324,900

James Durden to Monte Little; 112 Herman Court; $249,900

Adam Fox to Katherine Durlach; 6301 Oaken Gate Drive; $291,000

Ravi Khandpur to Adam Bennett; 5316 Sports Club Run; $480,000

Legacy One Investment Group to Jung Warren; 226 N. Sixth St.; $15,000

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Joseph Plair; 2212 Humphreys Drive; $215,490

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to ABT Custom Homes LLC; 2012 Anthony Place; $125,000

Landing Company LLC to Bruce Martin, trustee; 114.1 acres Pittmantown Road; $530,000

Esppar LLC to Dustin Bingham, trustee; 510 E. Pinner St.; $400,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Christopher Bolliger; 4012 Ravine Gap Drive; $318,900

Betty Milteer to MSE Investment Trust; 908 Garfield Ave.; $43,000

Weldenfield of Virginia LLC to Frank Amico; 3108 Summerhouse Drive; $875,000

Ralph Sloop to Danielle Hambelton; 3221 Longstreet Lane; $125,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Eprotege LLC; 5649 Person St.; $104,620