Mosaic leaves the Suffolk Center

Published 9:20 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mosaic Restaurant will close its doors June 30 and partner with its sister restaurant, Holland’s Produce.

Mosaic has spent the last 13 years inside the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts, and the decision to merge the two restaurants was a long time coming.

“About a year ago, we started thinking about all the good coming to downtown, and we thought it would be best,” owner Jeanette Holland said. “Downtown is really coming up with the new downtown plan.”

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Merging the two restaurants will give Holland’s a new identity.

Holland’s Produce will still continue to serve its “Charleston Southern” style food and will be adding additional hours, a full-service bar and catering services.

The food will still be the same style, but the menu may feature something new.

“We will try and merge foods and keep that Southern style. We are bringing them together to satisfy our population,” said Mary Ralph, leadership at Holland’s Produce.

There will be extended hours for the restaurant once the merger is complete. Currently, the restaurant is open only for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday.

Dinner will be added Friday and Saturday, and Holland’s will start serving brunch on Sunday. The official hours haven’t been decided.

Holland’s Produce will get a slightly new aesthetic, but Holland wants to keep the farmhouse look. She describes the new style as “industrial farmhouse.”

The change may cause the restaurant to close during the summer, but Holland hopes that doesn’t have to happen.

Holland, Ralph and Warren Bridges, leadership at Holland’s Produce, believe that their regular customers will enjoy the changes.

“I think a lot of the customers are going to enjoy being able to come at nighttime. Sometimes they come in really early and say they are eating dinner,” Ralph said.

For Holland and the others, working just solely at Holland’s is coming full circle. The trio started catering in a pickup truck together, and they are happy to bring it all back.

“It’s good to see how we started, and it is good to see how much we have grown,” Holland said. “We grew, and now we are bringing it home to where it all started.”

Bridges is happy to bring all the employees under one roof.

“This will be really beneficial for them. They are young, and we have them all under one roof so we can mentor them,” Bridges said. “So, one day they will be ready to take over the restaurant.”

While changes are coming, the restaurant will still stick with its farm-to-table ways.

“We did farm-to-table before it was cool,” Bridges said.