Land Transfers for June 22-29

Published 5:47 pm Saturday, June 30, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 22 to 29

Elysa Sawyer to Cameron Radloff; 2625 N. Nansemond Drive; $234,900

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Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Stansick; 443 Terrywood Drive; $321,920

Bradley Piland to Cheryl Burdine; 121 Turlington Court; $149,900

S. Frank Blocker Jr. Trust to L&N Property LLC; 2000 Hillpoint Blvd.; $610,000

Scott Champman to Jason Nussman; 137 Nottingham Blvd.; $235,950

Brian Whitney to Joshua Carrero Sierra; 326 Canaan Circle; $319,000

Emily Reaves to Kory Brown; 2314 Indian Trail; $166,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cody Jones; 301 Delaney Drive; $121,000

Kevin Brantley to Terrance Hardy; 5025 Shoulders Hill Road; $194,000

Patrick McGillvra to Joseph Juba III; 2004 Augusta Court; $273,000

Bank of America to Tracy Skinner; 2216 Florida Ave.; $27,768

Dameion Meikle to Clovea Crewwood; 215 Jouster Way; $232,000

Kevin Parker to Clarence Epps; 1002 Clarys Drive; $125,000

Michael Greenberg to Jason Green; 2005 Redgate Drive; $361,100

Armando Rowe to Elisabeth Rowe; 1710 Hosier Road; $220,000

Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Julian Aiken Jr.; $294,430

Albert Dunning to Said Boome; 6028 Spinaker Cove Court; $670,900

Donnell Marsh to Austin Brown; 106 Carriage House Drive; $299,900

Jeffrey Crewe to Calvin Stiff Jr.; 208 Crown Arch; $285,000

Bethany Francavilla to Laura Truitt; 3000 Catalina Ave.; $235,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to John Kindred; 4043 Ravine Gap Drive; $317,900

Betty Brinkley to Candi Joseph; 302 Elizabeth St.; $84,700

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Marty Sulla Jr.; 6737C Hampton Roads Parkway; $173,900

William Vines to Legacy Home Building LLC; Lot 27 Block D; $18,200

Kelly Maples to Richard Whitney; 3424 Village Square Place; $625,000

Arnesha Ames to Kiarra Cade; 105 Jaclyn Drive; $305,000

RMPD Inc. to City of Suffolk; 632 Mason Ave.; $40,000

Evelyn Whitley to Goodman Development LLC; 316 Woodruff St.; $45,100

Stella Brown to Paxton Contractors Corp.; 6733 Crittenden Road; $41,000

Christiana Trust, trustee, to RESI SFR SUB LLC; 816 Lincoln Ave.; $10

Juanita Sawyer to Dawann Steagall; 3448 Bob White Lane; $379,900

RPA Manning Bridge Holland Road LLC to Eagle Rock NLF Owner Four LLC; 2317 Holland Road; $2,260,000

Marshall Miller to Sohn McGough; 5224 Mineral Springs Road; $445,000

Matthew Wilson to Bethany Francavilla; 2402 Alder Place; $325,000

Hector Rivera to Brion McCarthy; 304 Festival Court; $275,000

Charles Umphlett to City of Suffolk; 1913 Holland Road; $26,755

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Bria Hill; 4136 Pritchard St.; $196,600

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Kyle Cullen; 4146 Pritchard St.; $200,860

Melvin Hite to Tiffany Lane; 8360 Lee Hall Ave.; $225,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company to Nehul Patel; 274 Burnetts Way; $100,000

Caleb McAnulty to Thomas Passmore; 5084 Pruden Blvd.; $215,000

Donald Hasson to David Chambers Sr.; 7156 S. Quay Road; $150,000

Johnwyn Holloman to Anderson Wesby III; 1735 Mill Wood Way; $344,000

Christopher Marshall to Larry Eatton Jr.; 1030 Snead Drive; $245,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to LV Realty LLC; 6024 Steeplechase Lane; $200,000

Brenda Darden to Curtis Newsome III; 7577 Elwood Road; $239,900

Eunice Gray to Judith Jones; 111 River Point Drive; $130,000

Helen Lowe to Tommy Adkins Jr.; 4222 Arthur Drive; $414,000

Quaker Neck LLC to Tiniki White; 203 Ashby Court; $235,000

NVR Inc. to Christopher Hay; 315 W. Constance Road; $214,215

Rhys Campbell to Nichole Hart; 419 S. Main St.; $163,000

Daniel Rypel to Romell Scutchings; 119 Riverwood Trace; $250,000

Joshua Varney to Daryl Outlaw Jr.; 112 Northbrooke Ave.; $184,900