Land Transfers for June 29 – July 5

Published 6:04 pm Saturday, July 7, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 29 – July 5

Timothy Hamm to Melissa Meikle; 1014 Sawtooth Drive; $300,000

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Billy Fields to Brodie Williams; 1005 English Oak Drive; $279,000

Graves Financial Services LLC to Ricky Lathrop; 217 Pearl St.; $130,000

Pensco Trust Company to Sadler Building Corp.; Lot 1 Northgate Lane; $60,000

Wells Fargo Bank to VCS LLC; 213 Market St.; $35,000

NVR Inc. to Quinton Coleman; 204 Patriots Walke Drive; $461,144

William Harris II to Robert Coggins; 3014 Kempton Park Road; $300,000

NVR Inc. to Garrett Lee; 169 Patriots Walke Drive; $386,718

NVR Inc. to Bettie Jean Trent; 315 W. Constance Road; $242,097

Planters Station LLC to Aaron Romley; 113 Station Drive; $347,235

Planters Station LLC to Jeffery Cary; 115 Station Drive; $325,000

Kristen Staley to Virginia Housing Development; 103 Poplar Grove Circle; $169,796

Danielle Reyes to Megan Greeno; 1341 Lummis Road; $185,000

Ryan Kirk to John Phillips; 125 Riverwood Road Trace; $260,500

Anthony Brown to Charles Paulauskas; 1041 Meadows Reach; $290,000

Carlos Kennedy to Stephen Christie; 9502 North River Road; $592,000

Secretary of Veteran Affairs to EMR Investments Inc.; 4520 Hubbard Ave.; $174,600

Justin Kloppenburg to Kasey Santos; 3610 White Marsh Road; $329,900

Justin Byrne to Jose Caballero; 3009 Frederick St.; $234,900

NVR Inc. to Jenilee Hallman; 315 W. Constance Road; $238,140

Charles Parker to Timothy Olah II; 4701 Desert Road; $168,900

Jason Stepp to Joshua Degroft; 205 Bridlewood Lane; $415,000

John O’Halloran to Maureen Higgs; 4265 Sleepy Hole Road; $315,000

LBD Homes LLC to Denzel Williams; 159 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $260,000

Southeastern Virginia Properties to Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC; 3436 Raintree Circle; $379,649

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Cassandra Requizo; 4044 Kingston Parkway; $289,860

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One to William Fountain III; 2235 Humphreys Drive; $198,930

Sovran Bank, trustee, to James Durden Jr.; Airport Road; $199,700

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1744 Kings Fork Road; $10

Theresa Morris to Clayburn Perry; 3514 Kelso Court; $295,000

Kyle Massig to Sherrita Muse; 3010 Newbury Court; $280,000

Michael Brown to Ralph Holmes III; 751 Manning Bridge Road; $329,900

George Ellis to Damon Bender; 6798 Corinth Chapel Road; $190,000

Christopher Deale to Glenn Leigh Jr.; 8237 Lee Hall Ave.; $222,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Robert Bond Jr.; 115 Farrand Drive; $354,435

AB Homes LLC to Anh Nguyen; 1305 Babbtown Road; $302,490

Cedar Homes LLC to Matthew Moog; 2836 Manning Road; $182,500

Lorie Baker to W. Sawyer; 1519 Wilkins Drive; $179,800

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Craig Smith; 645 Long St.; $478,400

Otis Jackson Jr. to Alvin Oldaker III; 1409 Manning Road; $178,000

Marc Barney to Warren Cherry Jr.; 1327 Baltic St.; $215,000

Harbour View Limited Partnership to Timothy Shughrou; 6100 Walkers Ferry Lane; $169,900

NVR Inc. to Alfee Dixon; 3030 Dabney Lane; $287,500

Randy Williams to Tracie Thomas; 5086 Kings Grant Circle; $252,900

NVR Inc. to Timothy Boyce; 3024 Dabney Lane; $257,625

McLean Endeavors LLC to CMH Homes Inc.; 2139 Oregon Ave.; $30,000

NVR Inc. to Darnell Lang; 3016 Dabney Lane; $243,000

NVR Inc. to Cameron Reed; 3014 Dabney Lane; $274,335

Colin Brown to Ashley Kane; 3 College Court; $169,900

David Darden to Devin Peavy; 1520 Glen Haven Drive; $135,000

Mary Powers to Federal National Mortgage Association; 8933 River Crescent; $241,103

Carole Allen to Richard Taylor; 6827 Ivanhoe Court; $261,500

Joshua Humphrey to Tracy Cooper; 329 Suburban Drive; $161,600

John Strickland to Micah Mattix; 1016 Maryland Ave.; $314,900

Joseph Marquardt to Matthew Wimberly; 3504 Arabian Place; $292,900

William Hart Jr. to Frantz Duton; 2121 Brians Lane; $314,000

Thomas Baldwin to Jonathan Jackson; 214 Crown Arch; $307,000

Grandvedour Price to Caroline Price; 703 Ferguson Place; $386,900

Nicola Elsner to Ryan Hopkins; 107 Eagle Point Crescent; $225,000

Bobby Caballero to Omar Williams; 6238 Heather Glen Drive; $182,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Jaime Giles; 4040 Ravine Gap Drive; $399,900

Eric Munford to Courtesy Homes LLC; 325 Westwood Drive; $150,000

Clayton Brock Sr. to Robert Huntington; 125 Spivey Farm Lane; $192,500

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 9353 New Road; $122,310

AB Homes LLC to Christian Rivera; 2625 Desert Road; $271,900

Charles Hardison to Aaron McCutcheon; 205 Teal Court; $205,000

Sally Copeland to Katherine Perkins; 27 acres on Crittenden Road; $225,000

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Marvin Williams; 125 Pembroke Lane; $472,900

Jeffrey Stern to Brian Gardill; 5025 Carolina Road; $239,900

Thomas Alexander to J. Martin III; 917-D Vineyard Place; $280,000