Embracing something old

Published 10:03 pm Thursday, July 12, 2018

I regularly talk about knitting and crocheting, and I do it often because I believe it’s something that not a lot of young people do. Honestly, I don’t see many people, old or young, doing it.

Suffolk is quietly embracing the craft, and I’m hoping the opening of Stitch Please, which should happen this month, will help make it a bigger deal.

Stitch Please is going to feature quality indie-dyed yarn that people don’t need to travel too far or order it online to get. It’s going to be wonderful, because nothing is worse than having to buy yarn online.

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The new store is going to be amazing, and I can imagine every time I’ll be making a lot of quick stops to peruse the stock.

While a new store is going to be great, we need more than a store to help people embrace the craft. Suffolk Public Library is starting to get into it as well, and the library recently held a Stitch in the Stacks event.

I’m hoping more things like this continue in Suffolk and the rest of Hampton Roads, because it’s something I don’t want to be lost.

Why do I want people to knit or crochet? Yes, I understand it seems boring and antiquated, but it has a number of benefits.

The New York Times blog published a piece two years ago about the multiple benefits of knitting, and some of the obvious ones were stress relief, self-esteem and fine motor skills. A lot of the information came from the Craft Yarn Council.

Knitting and crocheting require a decent amount of attention, and once you get the hang of it, it can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Plus, while you give your brain and body a chance to relax, you end with a tangible and sometimes useful piece.

Having a tangible piece really builds self-esteem. I’ve made many blankets, scarves, hats and other things for people, and I always feel so good when I give it to them and see how much they love the present.

I’ve seen plenty of benefits of knitting and crocheting in my own life, so I know that this isn’t just a load of nonsense.

I deal with anxiety, especially after the sudden loss of my father, and having a healthy outlet really does make sure I can have a clear head and better mental health.

Hopefully, Suffolk can continue to embrace knitting and crocheting.