Land Transfers for Aug. 3-9

Published 5:09 pm Saturday, August 11, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

August 3 to 9

Eric Arnold to Joshua West; 6214 Amberly Circle; $312,000

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Seaboard Enterprises Inc. to City of Suffolk; Lot 12 Oak Ridge Well Lot; $45,000

Mamie LLC to Steven Horner; 2807 E. Washington St.; $239,000

Harold Spurlock III to Robert Ridgway; 344 Canaan Circle; $318,000

Norman Wood III, trustee, to Karen Munson Realty LLC: 6434 Olde Bullocks Circle; $275,000

Fannie Mae to Kenneth Evans; 6801 Castlewood Circle; $220,500

Maxine Long and Associates Inc. to Bettina Flournoy; 1215 Blythewood Lane; $141,000

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Amalie Richardson; 2208 Humphreys Drive; $216,960

James Turner to Charlene Nagle; 9324 Eclipse Drive; $220,000

Mohammed Ali to Maureen Serem; 5106 N. Kemper Lakes Court; $375,000

Arnold Caterino to AJ Potter Investments LLC; 311 S. Broad St.; $35,000

Kyle Duffy to Grant Demello; 1003 Buoy Court; $150,000

John Sweet to Tyler Wilson; 1436 Lipton Circle; $215,000

Dilipkumar Patel to Chayyaben Patel; 3023 N. James Drive; $990,000

NVR Inc. to Marissa Comeau; 3034 Dabney Lane; $246,685

Danay Murrell to Reyna Forbes; 2106 Redgate Drive; $264,900

BSJ LLC to Harold Spurlock III; 119 Torrington Circle; $451,725

Jeremy Portmann to Caroline Blocker; 5096 Kings Grant Circle; $300,000

Michael Lobusta to Travis Bash; 135 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $236,000

Sandra Gardner to David Saunders; 704 Adams St.; $135,000

Charles Mayer to Timothy Dibacco; 8205 Woodland Circle; $239,900

Rodney Little to Hodges Rentals LLC; 166 Squire Reach; $153,600

Sandler at Graystone LLC to James Gatling Jr.; 4065 Ravine Gap Drive; $308,597

Jared Horn to Daniel Huneycutt; 111 Eagle Point Crescent; $195,000

Bonnie Spence to Michael Prezioso III; 2602 Waters Edge Lane; $220,000

Jason Torres to David Davis; 254 Craftsman Circle; $180,400

Robert McClung to Tristen Tafoya; 202 Teal Court; $219,900

Hobbs Adams Investment Group Inc. to Commercial Ready Mix Products; 304 Kenyon Road; $275,000

Kevin White to George Hudgins; 310 Fuller St.; $50,000

Scott Sally to Randy Smith; 10320 Ellis Road; $450,000

Smart House Inc. to CFTVA LLC; 510 Roosevelt Drive; $61,028

Smart House Inc. to CFTVA LLC; 542 Chisholm Lane; $68,552

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David Drewyor; 112 Grove Ave.; $228,900

Kristen Cote to Thorne Roehrig; 142 Brewer Ave.; $179,900

Christopher Sherard to Michael Keene; 105 Queen Annes Court; $244,900

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to ABT Custom Homes LLC; 3104 Summerhouse Drive; $200,000

William Frank to Michael Gardner Jr.; 7014 Quaker Drive; $56,000

NVR Inc. to Janet Moorer; 3018 Dabney Lane; $250,290

Alexandra Blesse to Alex Newey; 1111 Mill Pond Court; $203,000

Tristan Downey to Joseph Hibbard; 159 Woodlake Terrace; $284,000

Taylor Hudson to Hannah Cutshall; 1036 Meadows Reach Circle; $310,000

Damiani and Nahra LLC to Melvin Gresham; 150 W. Washington St.; $300,400

Frank Daman to Melvin Gresham; 138 W. Washington St.; $464,900

ACS Fairgrounds LLC to Nicole Moore; 165 Hall Ave.; $184,900

William Odom to Ronald Schark III; 4190 Pughsville Road; $314,900

Jarrad Cofield to Bekir Grozdanic; 3604 Pacers Place; $245,000

Donald Armbruster to Terrance Smith; 6304 Old Westham Drive S.; $341,550

NVR Inc. to Adolphus Davis; 3050 Dabney Lane; $274,590

Lillie Mills to Melissa Heintz; 2624 N. Nansemond Drive; $248,000

Andre Gill to Paul Dove; 6242 Heather Glen Drive; $169,900

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Zachary Jones; 249 Kilby Shores Drive; $116,580

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Adam Franczak; 4033 Ravine Gap Drive; $305,900

Epenetus Curle to R&B Land Company LLC; 8489 Whaleyville Blvd.; $110,000