Seek out the truth

Published 11:29 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2018

To the editor:

Television news and newspapers have generally been accurately reporting the news ever since their inception. It is odd that all of a sudden, when Mr. Trump became a presidential candidate, they became Fake News. An honest statement by Mr. Trump would be that he doesn’t like what they say about him. The president does not want the American people to trust the news outlets. But can we trust him?

President Trump broadcasts his own Fake News. As of this writing, The Toronto Star has recorded 2,083 false statements he has made as president. After each of his statements is an explanation.

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We, the American people, need to search out the truth. To start we should check the mission of the newspaper, social media site or other source of information. Is its goal to provide accurate information or to present a limited view? We can avoid or block unreliable sources. Comparing information from more than one source can provide an insight into the truth. We can fact-check information. The goal of is “ has long been engaged in the battle against misinformation…”. In this era of easily available information and misinformation, we need to work harder at being accurately informed.

Annette Rian