Police issue their own challenge

Published 12:10 am Saturday, August 18, 2018

Following up on its successful Lip Sync Challenge video, the Suffolk Police Department has issued a challenge of its own to Suffolk citizens: “Lock It, Don’t Lose It.”

A new video, titled “SPD ‘Lock It, Don’t Lose It’ Challenge, was posted Friday featuring the department’s Sgt. Herman Kee and Officer Gaines, two of the stars seen grooving in the original Lip Sync Challenge video.

In the new video, Kee and Gaines challenge citizens to lock their car doors to avoid becoming victims of theft.

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The Suffolk Police Department has worked side by side with the citizens of Suffolk, and we have seen a decrease in violent crimes throughout our city,” Kee says in the video. “However, property crimes are on the rise.”

Kee stated there has been a “significant increase” in thefts from vehicles.

“They strike generally in the late night to early morning hours,” Gaines says in the video. “These offenders simply come to a neighborhood and walk down a street pulling on car doors until they find unlocked cars.”

Gaines said valuables like laptops, firearms, smartphones, tablets, money, credit cards, jewelry and identification are frequently stolen. When keys are left inside, the vehicle itself frequently is stolen and dumped in another city, she added.

The crime happens in every area of the city, Gaines added.

There are multiple reasons to ensure car doors are locked, but there are a few main ones, according to a city press release.

  • Loss of valuables is the most obvious reason to lock your door. Thieves look for crimes of opportunity.
  • Possible entry to your home. If you leave your doors unlocked with a set of house keys or garage door opener in the glove compartment, it could be easy for the thieves to possibly enter your home, and you could become further victimized.
  • Do it for the neighborhood. Public safety is a shared responsibility. If some residents tend to keep cars or homes unlocked, word gets around and this is an open invitation for possible future crime.