CBD oil products find home in Harbour View

Published 12:49 am Saturday, September 1, 2018

A local pharmacy is partaking in the new trend of health and wellness by carrying cannabidiol at both its Suffolk and Hampton locations.

“Virginia passed the bill, and we started to research it,” said Harbour View Pharmacy owner Sonal McPhee. “Research backs up the use of it, and we wanted to get in on it.”

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is becoming more prevalent in Virginia with the passage of the “Let Doctors Decide” bill earlier this year. The bill now provides an affirmative defense for the possession of cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil with a doctor’s recommendation.

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Cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil are both non-intoxicating products extracted from cannabis, according to projectcbd.org, a website that promotes the use of cannabidiol.

Though the passage of the bill is what inspired the pharmacy carrying these products, the oils differ from the kind being sold at Harbour View Pharmacy because these can be purchased without a recommendation from a physician.

That is because the CBD products sold at the pharmacy contain little to no THC, while the CBD that contains up to 5 percent of THC, which makes it psychoactive, is not technically legal.

Harbour View carries imbue botanicals, which is a full spectrum CBD product, and it also carries salves, balms, capsules and tinctures that contain CBD and maximum of 0.3 percent of THC.

McPhee has now sold multiple CBD products to patients that have come to the pharmacy.

“We have sold a lot of products for migraines and fibromyalgia,” McPhee said. “I’ve provided samples, and people have seen a difference in physical pain. We’ve seen significant results.”

The cost of the CBD products can vary depending on brand, amount and strength, but the products McPhee is selling range from $36 to $109.

While McPhee is happy to recommend the products to patients that come into the pharmacy, she still recommends talking to a physician about it, especially if the patient is taking an opioid for pain management or anxiety and depression medication.

“I always tell people to talk to their doctor,” McPhee said.

She also advocates for people doing their research =, especially if they are buying these products without a doctor’s recommendation.

Convenience stores are starting to sell CBD products, and these options are concerning for McPhee because they are often not made in the U.S. and contain harmful additives.

“Read the packages, do other research and go to a professional,” McPhee said.

The same thing goes for full spectrum products. McPhee believes they are better than isolate or desiccated CBD products. She believes they are better because they use the full flower and bud of the hemp plant, and she says they tend to be stronger and more effective for patients.