Survivor plans encouraging event

Published 6:01 pm Monday, September 3, 2018

A car accident was the catalyst for Darla Banks finding out she had breast cancer, and now that she is cancer free, she wants to give back to others that find themselves in her situation with her KoreFitWell Breast Cancer Event.

She began giving back by founding KoreFitWell, a company whose mission is to help support people healing.

“KoreFitWell is a company that I started after my battle with cancer, and it is basically my vision is to work with people to heal from the inside out,” Banks said.

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She focuses on working on being mentally healthy and how that is a stepping stone to being physically healthy.

Banks found out about her breast cancer after being involved in a car accident. What was originally believed to be just a lump had spread into her lymph nodes, and Banks spent time going to chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Unfortunately, because of her financial situation, Banks had to continue to work despite going through cancer treatment.

Another aspect of KoreFitWell is supporting those that don’t have access to resources due to their financial situations.

“I found that there weren’t a lot of resources available for me, because I was just on the edge of middle class. There wasn’t anything available for me except family, friends and the food banks,” Banks said.

There will be a handful of resources available at the event that will happen after a 5K walk. The event will include speakers that will talk about nutrition, hair care and skin care. There will also be motivational speakers and physical therapists to help embody mental and physical wellness.

Free health screenings will also be offered.

The 5K is the only part of the event that requires registration, and the walk is $25.

The event will be happening from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 29 at the YMCA Conference and Outdoor Center, 275 Kenyon Road.

For more information or donations, call 386-5833.