Cobb and quarterbacks meet frequently

Published 7:48 pm Friday, September 14, 2018

Keonte’ Cobb was voted Suffolk News-Herald Player of the Week after posting six sacks against Hickory High School.

For the past two seasons, Cobb has made himself familiar with quarterbacks in the backfield. Last year, Cobb was over at Lakeland High School as a sophomore and posted the school’s single-season sack record. This season, he is a junior for Nansemond River High School and has seven sacks in two games. He posted an eye-popping six sacks in a win against Hickory, which Coach Justin Conyers described as an “MVP of the game” type of performance.

“I was just hungry coming off of a loss to Maury,” Cobb said. “I know as the playmaker I am, I have to step up and make big plays defensively. Every game I strive to give my all and leave it out on the field.”

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The single-season sack record at Nansemond River is 18. With seven throughout his first two games, it looks very likely Cobb will be able to break that record. Getting off to such a fast start has motivated him to reach the goal.

Day by day, Cobb is getting better and gives credit to his teammates for allowing him to make plays. He believes that Nansemond River has one of the best defensive lines in Hampton Roads, which helps him in his quest to make plays.

Cobb’s mother and his team are his biggest motivations. He hasn’t been at Nansemond River long after transferring from Lakeland but feels that his teammates have welcomed him with open arms.

“My mom definitely keeps me going,” he said. “She pushes me to another level. I don’t know where I would be without her. I really appreciate my teammates as well. Nobody would be able to tell that I haven’t been at NRHS that long by the way they’ve accepted me. Those guys got my back.”

The junior knew he was walking into a team with high expectations when he came over to Nansemond River. He wanted to make it a point to do everything he could to help replace graduates from 2017’s talented team. It’s obvious that he’s made an immediate impact on defense, but he is also getting a grasp of the offense as well.

Khalil Mack, NFL defensive end for the Chicago Bears, is someone Cobb looks up to. Mack has a high motor that helps him get to quarterbacks as well.

It is impressive what Cobb has done in a season, but he is still not quite a household name yet. It motivates him to work harder to open more eyes across Hampton Roads. The Warrior knows he is far from a finished product. He still has a year left and wants to keep pushing over the course of his junior and senior seasons.

“The lack of recognition doesn’t bother me at all,” he said. “Not one bit. I love being underrated, because nobody expects my talent. I love opening up eyes.”

As long as offensive lines have trouble blocking him, Cobb will continue to make himself familiar with their quarterback.