The grass may look greener

Published 9:59 pm Monday, September 17, 2018

By Joseph Perry

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. — Proverbs 14:30

Have you ever looked at the life someone else was living and wished that was your life? Many of us have been guilty of that.

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The grass looks greener on the other side but may not be what you think.

That’s what a wise old man shared with me as we talked about rising to new levels of promotions in life. He said those levels of promotions appear to be great, and a joy to be in, but sometimes there is so much unhappiness and unrest, because I’ve been there.

Sometimes we have a desire to sit in the seat where other people are. We look at the glitter and the glamour of their life. We see from our perspective that it’s a beautiful experience; however, what we see may not be the true picture.

It’s true that, too often, the grass that we see appears at times to be greener on the other side, when those who are a part of that grass may actually be experiencing a lack of peace and happiness where they are.

The Proverb teaches us to strive to have peace and not to covet, not to envy what others have, but rather to find joy and contentment in what the Lord has given each of us.

  • Strive to live a peaceful life
  • Strive to live a joy-filled life
  • Strive to live a life full of honor and integrity

The grass may look greener; the car, the house or the job may look nicer; but it may be a totally different experience being in it.

It’s normal to look at the life of others from a distance and notice all that some people have accomplished and achieved; however, if we were allowed to see a little deeper, we could notice an uncomfortable, unbearable experience. It’s not always that way, but in many instances, it is.

As the wise old man shared, be careful as you desire to be in the grass on the other side. If you just learn to find joy and peace where you are, and wait on the Lord, He knows when to add to your life.

Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Perry Pastor St. Mark AME Zion Church Suffolk Va.