Police sporting new cruisers, paint scheme

Published 10:23 pm Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Suffolk Police Department will be phasing in the Ford Police Inspector Utility vehicle now that Ford has stopped making the Crown Victoria and will stop making the Police Taurus next year.

The new cruisers are different not only in size but also in color. According to city spokeswoman Diana Klink, the new cruisers will be black and white instead of the blue and white on the current police cruisers.

The SUV has the look of a Ford Explorer but has been enhanced to allow for police operations, according to Klink.

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The change to new police cruisers won’t be immediate, but citizens can expect to start seeing the new SUVs driving around the city. At least one is already on the streets.

“Citizens will see the existing fleet as well as the new sport utility vehicles in the coming years as older models are transitionally replaced based on mileage, budgetary constraints and other factors,” Klink said in an email.

The new model provides more storage space, larger compartments and additional safety features for the officers.

According to PoliceMag.com, Ford Motor Company decided to make the transition because most of its police vehicle sales were for the larger SUV.

Ford’s website boasts that the SUV gives the same power as the sedan but offers more versatility with additional cargo room, and the company will soon be releasing its 2020 model, which is also a hybrid vehicle.