SCA takes down Oaktree

Published 10:11 pm Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Lady Knights volleyball team picked up a home win against Oaktree Academy Tuesday evening.

The win took the Suffolk Christian Academy volleyball team to 2-5 on the season. SCA took down Oaktree in four sets.

In the first matchup between the two teams, Oaktree was the victor. However, SCA was able to turn things around Tuesday.

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“It was a nice day with how we have looked in recent games,” Coach Scott Cornette said. “The last few practices the girls have been practicing very hard, and they did a good job out there.”

SCA was a bit nervous the first set, as that was the only one they lost. However, after that, the Lady Knights rolled through the rest of the game.

Kaitlyn Brittingham added 14 kills and five aces. Heather Pearson and Kourtney Martin each added six kills. Pearson had eight aces and Martin had five. Meredith Farmer was second on the team in aces with seven. Zoe Wheeler added six aces.

“We had good communication out there,” Cornette said. “Even when mistakes would happen, they were encouraging each other. It looked like it all clicked. I am very proud of the effort they put forth out there.”

SCA believes this game could be good motivation for them to string together some more wins. Cornette believes the more the girls start to learn their roles and continue to work hard. more good things will continue to happen. They do have some tough games coming up on their schedule, but getting wins like this will help them going forward.

“I definitely feel like we will continue to remain competitive even against some of the better teams on our schedule,” Cornette said. “This win could be a momentum-changer. But I think these games show what I had been seeing in these girls all along.”

The Lady Knights will go on the road Friday to face Summit Christian Academy. The ladies continue to grow closer, and Cornette believes that is the characteristic of a winner, no matter what the wins or losses may say.

“From this point forward, I feel like the girls will grab on to working and playing as hard as they can,” Cornette said. “We know that winning is something that doesn’t just happen. We have to learn, and I feel the girls are doing a good job at that.”