‘Extremely strong advocate’

Published 10:06 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Diane Foster is a candidate for Suffolk’s School Board, and she is running for a seat in the Chuckatuck borough.

She is still an educator as a reading specialist at St. Matthews Catholic School in Virginia Beach, but she is only working part-time to ease into retirement.

Foster previously served on the Suffolk School Board from 2009 to 2014, during which she represented the Sleepy Hole Borough. However, after moving to the Chuckatuck borough, she had to give up her seat.

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“I think I did a good job the first time,” Foster said. “I was elected in 2008 when we were going through a recession and had to make cuts, but we also did a lot of good work.”

Foster believes her previous experience on the School Board and the experience she gained during a time of financial distress will help her succeed if re-elected.

“We made a lot of cuts during my term, but I think we did well considering the economy,” Foster said.

Foster hopes to continue to be a vocal advocate for the faculty, teachers and students in Suffolk.

“First of all, I was an extremely strong advocate for students and for the faculty,” Foster said. “I want to continue being a voice. I’m running because I care about the school division.”

During her time as an educator, Foster was a reading specialist at Title I schools, and that has greatly influenced what she would like to do within Suffolk Public Schools.

Foster’s education career before St. Matthews was in federally funded programs where she observed a cycle of illiteracy.

“I see what these students go through, and I’ve spent almost my entire career doing that,” Foster said. “I think it is important to push for things like literacy programs.”

While she focuses on literacy programs and being an advocate, she also wants to bring attention to the College and Career Academy at Pruden.

“I want to be assigned to the Pruden Center. I advocate that not everyone needs college to have a successful job,” Foster said.

She hopes to be re-elected to the School Board because she wants to be a voice for Suffolk Public Schools and its students.

“I’m running because I care about the schools. I feel very protective of the school system,” Foster said. “I think I am an extremely honest and ethical person. I am going to be a vocal advocate for Suffolk Public Schools.”