Land Transfers for Oct. 5-11

Published 6:25 pm Friday, October 12, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

October 5 to 11

Keith Shick to Dalton Jacobs; Olde Bullocks Circle; $280,000

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Amanda Hale to Derrick Baysal; 2432 Nansemond Parkway; $255,000

Evelyn Archer to William Bunch; 464 Murphys Mill Road; $151,500

Heardon PR Builders LLC to Mariusz Kuzmin; 444 Terrywood Drive; $335,560

Birdsong Builders Inc. to Daniel Huttman; 3123 Summerhouse Drive; $647,650

William Jamerson, heir, to Jeffrey Parsons; 3001 Catalina Ave.; $189,900

International Paper Company to Nature Conservancy; 9050 Corinth Chapel Road; $172,972

Jimmy Parker to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 9412 New Road; $205,000

Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 7800 Quince Road; $176,492

Rebecca Smith, trustee, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 348 Pioneer Road; $86,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to December Investments LLC; 2001 Regency Drive; $191,500

Rhonda Holland to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 12.37 acres; $500

Rhonda Holland to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 12.37 acres; $1,000

Robert Everett Jr. to Thaddeus Olsen; 718 N. Broad St.; $285,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Matthew Nusz; 212 Reservoir Lane; $293,055

Scott Walker to Edward Davidson; 4031 Michael Drive; $485,000

ASN Partnership to City of Suffolk; 1526 Holland Road; $104,799

Kroll Building Corporation to George Joyner III; 4241 Capps Creek Drive; $105,000

Robert Morrison to Blake Steinke; 6415 Worchester Way; $247,000

Matthew Johnson to Michael Stewart; 112 Foxworth Circle; $200,000

Caesar Crittenden to Arlen Scott II; 1053 Snead Drive; $295,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to Robert Day; 2008 Anthony Place; $573,830

And R Associates LP to Ashdon Builders Inc.; 5042 Riverfront Drive; $298,100

AAN Developers Inc. to Ashdon Builders Inc.; 5062 Riverfront Drive; $298,100

Luke Sheehan to Adelina Perdomo; 1302 Island Park Circle; $216,000

Donald Copeland to Nicholas Ivone; 3214 Duke of Glouchester Drive; $243,000

Hampton Roads Builders Network to Hampton Roads Holding Company; 2732 Nansemond Crescent; $60,000

Elsie Brinkley to Franchesca Johnson; 418 Forest Hill Crescent; $217,000

Joel Lattimer to Jennifer Hall; 1519 Olde Mill Creek; $350,000

Terri Gaines Lawrence to Dream Catcher Homes LLC: 4837 Suffolk St.; $100,000

John Peele to Teddy Baggett Jr.; 213 Kenyon Road; $32,000

Fannie Mae to Kelsey Hamby; 6771 Burbage Lake Circle; $299,900

Schaubach Holdings Inc. to Maverick3468 LLC; 3468 Pruden Blvd.; $1,250,000

Richard Buonfigli to Robert Brown; 3227 Shelter Cove Court; $750,000

Osprey Partners LLC to Jones Swamp LLC; 1512 Dutch Road; $155,944

Family Trust to Jones Swamp LLC; 154 acres; $523,526

Steven Daniels to Marc Reitzel; 2972 Desert Road; $280,000

Frederick Butler to Heidi Manning; 6082 Mainsail Lane; $303,000

Norman Williams to Tabitha Schulz; 110 Chenango Court; $233,000

RPW Properties LLC to Anthony Damerow Wallace; 2524 Whaleyville Blvd.; $260,000

Marlene O’Rosco to Scott Bryant; 8173 Whaleyville Blvd.; $91,100

Shooting Star 118 LLC to 118 North Main Street LLC; 118 N. Main St.; $180,000

Daniels Construction Corp. to Lateef Rasberry; 607 Ashley Ave.; $149,900

Jason Eaton to Kwamena Bentil; 5080 Kelso St.; $330,000

Keith Hinton to Andrea Person; 1007 Lakeside Court; $147,500

James Durden Jr. to Norman Williams; 1945 Cherry Grove Road; $460,000

Sarah Brown, trustee, to Frank Harris Sr.; 682 Bennetts Meadow Lane; $290,000

Deshaun Melton to Candice Moegenberg; 1435 Lipton Circle; $180,000

Burton Cutright to Landlovers LLC; 8373 Crittenden Road; $47,500

Kevin Parker to Christopher Jenkins; 301 Gauntlet Way; $239,800

Tina Ent to Mary McCray; 210 S. Main St.; $60,000