Foster’s leadership will have impact

Published 10:11 pm Monday, October 15, 2018

To the editor:

A critical aspect of leadership is helping set direction and develop shared understandings about an organization and its goals that results in purpose, vision and impact.

Diane Foster is the Chuckatuck Borough’s most suitable choice for School Board member, as she has demonstrated these leadership traits since first joining the board in 2008. As the proud parent of a Suffolk Public Schools graduate, a volunteer and advocate for progressive educational models and proactive policies, I have witnessed first-hand the board’s improved leadership culture, which has resulted in better relationships, accountability and positive impact for both students and staff.

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Through the School District’s and the city’s most financially challenging period, Diane’s leadership and consensus-building skills helped guide decisions that led to better relationships between the two entities. Her warm and fair but stern demeanor helped create a cooperative and collaborative spirit resulting in more effective governance. In articulating her interests in representing the Chuckatuck Borough, she is highly motivated by goals she finds personally compelling, challenging and achievable.

For example, Diane’s primary concerns and goals remain: fair and equitable compensation for teachers and all staff, while exercising fiscally responsible practices; increasing resources and qualified teachers in science, technology, engineering and math; using current and existing virtual technology in some classrooms; fair treatment of students experiencing non-violent disciplinary infractions; and having a closer working relationship with the borough’s City Council representative.

These are but a few good reasons to support Diane’s visionary and proactive platform. Her demonstrated leadership and commitment speaks volumes about her attributes and value to the Suffolk Public Schools Board. Cast your vote for Diane Foster and help elect leadership and experience.

Robert E. Stephens