Just a bit to the north

Published 11:41 pm Friday, October 19, 2018

If you’ve read the Suffolk News-Herald on Sunday in recent weeks, you may have noticed a new featured page.

Our Carrollton page is a dedicated spot for news about this up-and-coming community north of Suffolk along Route 17.

Carrollton and North Suffolk have a lot in common. They share their main thoroughfare, even though it’s called Bridge Road in Suffolk and Carrollton Boulevard in Carrollton.

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Residents in each frequently patronize the businesses of the other. Many folks live in one and work or go to church in the other.

And, of course, as any two close communities will, they share their problems. Both have their share of traffic problems, particularly when there’s an issue on the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel and folks cut through Suffolk and Carrollton to get to their destination.

Some would also say both communities are over-developed and becoming more so, which exacerbates the traffic problem.

Lots of folks remember when North Suffolk was farmland and Carrollton was nothing but cigarette shops and the tiny El Burrito Mexican restaurant, with a handful of side roads leading to small neighborhoods. That’s certainly not the case anymore, though, with new, modern communities and businesses seeming to spring up constantly.

Smart planning is needed in both communities, and coordinating it across the city/county line would be ideal.

We hope to cover all of these issues and more, as well as features about the people and places that make Carrollton special, on our Carrollton page. You’ll find it in every Sunday edition, and we hope you’ll tell your friends.

If you know of any stories in Carrollton we should be covering, please email us at news@suffolknewsherald.com.

You can find our Carrollton coverage at www.suffolknewsherald.com/category/carrollton.