A simple thank-you goes a long way

Published 8:21 pm Monday, October 22, 2018

By Patrice Rivers

When was the last time you said thank-you to somebody or they said thank-you back?

It seems that thank-yous are thinning out, and some people don’t seem appreciative. I remembered one time I opened the door for someone and as I held it, they never said “thank you.” Things like that can be frustrating, but you just have to keep it moving.

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Sometimes it’s the thought that counts the most instead of expecting thanks in return. Here are some ways to show your thanks without going all out.

  • A greeting card expressing your sincere thanks
  • Lunch or dinner date
  • Offering to fix a meal
  • Calling them
  • Sending a simple text
  • Buy a small token of appreciation

Your action showing your thanks is great, but words from your heart mean a lot. It doesn’t have to be something recent, but it can be a simple thank-you to parents expressing your gratitude or a school teacher for not giving up on you. I remember when my granddad was living, my mom would always buy balloons and cake for his birthday every year. He was very thankful for those moments and what my mom did to make them special. Every year she would make his birthday special up until the year he died. A simple thanks is all it takes.

It’s really not that hard. A lot of times when someone does a favor for someone else, it’s not because they have to do it; it’s because they are opening their hearts in the act of kindness. When that person doesn’t say “thank-you,” it just shows how unappreciated they are. A thank-you certainly goes a long way. Try it sometime, you will definitely feel good about yourself.

Patrice Rivers is an author, writer and blogger. She can be reached at patricerivers09@gmail.com.