Bredemeyer runs for Suffolk seat

Published 9:06 pm Friday, October 26, 2018

Art Bredemeyer is running for a seat on Suffolk City Council in the Suffolk Borough for the Nov. 6 election.

Bredemeyer is currently a lawyer at his own law firm, Bredemeyer Law, which he began on July 1. This is not the first time Bredemeyer has ran for public office. He ran for mayor in 2012 and lost to the Mayor Linda T. Johnson.

He wants to run to better his community at a higher level.

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“I’m running, because I have a long history of service to the community since I’ve lived here for 18 years,” Bredemeyer said. “I spend most of my social time and money in downtown, and I also work downtown. It’s a very important borough to me, and the city has been good to me.

“I would like to give something back.”

He has seen issues in his community regarding economic development and infrastructure, and he hopes that he can help fix these problems if elected.

“We need to be creating an atmosphere that draws businesses to the area. That might mean less regulation,” Bredemeyer said. “We have to do things to make it a more viable and vibrant downtown.”

Bredemeyer believes that the right steps are being taken with things like the SPARC Initiative.

Having a business in downtown has given Bredemeyer the chance to understand the issues businesses have with government regulation, and he believes that the processes have become unnecessarily complicated.

He also sees these issues with clients that invest in downtown.

“I represent those that have invested in the downtown despite the city government, and I would like to see them succeed. We’d like to make it more of a destination,” Bredemeyer said.

Small fixes with infrastructure in downtown neighborhoods would make all the difference to Bredemeyer, and if elected he would make them more of a focus to the entire council.

“We have bad lighting in most of the neighborhoods, and it doesn’t make it safe if you’re walking or afraid of being assaulted,” Bredemeyer said. “There are a lot of communities without curbs and sidewalks.”

Bredemeyer believes these small fixes could truly improve the communities in the downtown area, and he thinks they deserve the attention.

His trustworthiness and experience are what he believes will make him a successful councilman for the Suffolk Borough.

“I’ve always been trustworthy, and I don’t know how not to tell the truth,” Bredemeyer said. “I think I can do a better job and breathe new life into this council.”