Land Transfers for Oct 19-25

Published 8:56 pm Friday, October 26, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

October 19 to 25

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jason Bennett; 247 W. Wexford Drive; $106,500

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Planters Station LLC to Michael Clark; 123 Station Drive; $369,480

Just Right Homes LLC to Alec Emerson; 144 Ashford Drive; $248,000

Marvin Copeland to Nakisha Porter; 537 Chisholm Lane; $73,000

Weber Successor Trustee to Dawna Ellis; 108 Lakeview Court; $509,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Suntrust Bank Successor; 518 Eola Ave.; $186,649

NVR Inc. to Kervin Dickson; 313 Patriots Walke Drive; $317,258

BC Branch Real Estate LLC to Gary Burke; 1550 Copeland Road; $299,900

Judith Delpiero to James Durden Jr.; 117 Whaley St.; $72,600

Joseph Wafford to Pamela Douglas; 3732 Pear Orchard Way; $215,000

Ronald Stauffer to Pingora Loan Servicing LLC; 3710 Bridle Path Lane; $256,047

Jesse Meyer to James Cooper; 8944 River Crescent; $490,000

Joshua Rowles to Joslin Landis; 1824 Oyster Bay Lane; $259,900

Wells Fargo Bank to Emmitta Holeman; 115 Reid St.; $189,000

David Wrubleski to Ninette Adams; 407 Keaton Way; $215,000

Sherman Vincent to Fred Walker Jr.; 104 Day St.; $57,600

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Shamecka Dinkins; 2403 Highview Court; $350,066

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to December Investments; 4601 Camella Drive; $110,000

William King Jr. to Yvonne Wilson; 2066 Freeney Ave.; $153,000

Pingora Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 3710 Bridle Path Lane; $256,047

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One to Aaron Moyer; 202 Cobblestone Reach; $255,450

TRC Washington LLC to Cedar Creek Lane and Cattle; 823 E. Washington St.; $1,840,000

Anna Dilbeck to Rebecca Hersey; 5787 Lynn Drive; $95,000

Hathaway Homes Inc. to Shane McLean; 3704 Adams Swamp Road; $176,000

Cape Shore Builders Inc. to Robert Daubon; 4404 Cullen Lane; $455,000

Anthony Dimuzio to Gabrielle Glover; 3034 Kempton Park Road; $280,000

Steve Dorn to Stacy Slavinski; 3015 Bay Shore Lane; $259,900

Legacy Home Building LLC to Eddie Blunt; 515 Osceola Ave.; $200,000

Next One LLC to Jane Beard; 4522 Quaker Drive; $374,550

Cedar Homes LLC to Paul Stone; 104 Mallard Drive; $194,900

Emmanuel Grame to Jarell Holliday; 2109 Piedmont Road; $329,900

Richard Wells to Dale Bryant; 307 Festival Court; $260,000

Martin Cole to Kelli Cole; 1875 Manning Road; $338,000

Tiffany Wells to Rachida Benradi; 100 Benham Court; $250,000
John Duncan to Jesse; 2709 Colonial Drive; $195,000

Legacy Home Building LLC to Justin Cruz; 419 Saint James Ave.; $204,900

Chavez Mabry to James Durden Jr.; 223 Woodrow Ave.; $20,400

Grandwatt Electric Corp. to Copperhead Properties LLC; 1013 Obici Industrial Blvd.; $1,810,000

Amy Willoughby to Christopher Perry; 3599 Pittmantown Road; $23,000

Keith Franz to David Kinard; 1525 Austin Drive; $150,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Brian McBee; 828 Seminole Drive; $201,900

Jones Swamp LLC to True Blue Bailey LLC; 3 acres; $55,000

Bob Edwards to Ramon Perez; 5330 Quaker Drive; $615,000

William Eubanks Jr. to Kevin Smith; 220 Kingsale Road; $47,500

424 Highland LLC to Keith Brown; 424 Highland Ave.; $133,000

Brenda Joyner to CGN Homebuyers LLC; 225 Hunter St.; $52,500

Steven Mattke to Mitchell Cowden; 1106 Woods Parkway; $296,000

Kyle Barber to Brandon Frye; 1017 Raven Hill Road; $324,900