More tricks, less treats for motorists

Published 10:52 pm Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gas prices have been creeping down in the weeks leading up to Halloween on Wednesday, but is this a trick or a treat that will linger through the holidays? The frightening truth is that it’s likely the former, AAA Tidewater Virginia announced on Monday.

Virginia gas prices were ranked the 10th-least expensive nationwide on Monday at $2.58 per gallon, which was five cents less than last week but a spine-tingling 32-cent increase compared to last year. AAA Tidewater Virginia also reported that Hampton Roads gas prices were at $2.52 per gallon, a five-cent drop from last week and yet another increase from last year at 31 cents.

According to the Monday press release, the national price average has been shambling downward in the previous 16 days. The national gas price average was at its lowest since mid-September. But this treat isn’t expected to last for motorists.

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“Just like the outside temperature, motorists are seeing gas prices cool off,” Georjeane Bluming, spokesperson for AAA Tidewater Virginia, stated in the press release. “The last few weeks saw peak refinery maintenance season start to wrap up and push less expensive gas prices, but the lower prices are not likely to be a long-term trend.”

AAA expects that gas prices will likely start to increase as early as later this week, ahead of the mid-term elections and Iran sanctions. on Tuesday recorded regular gas prices at Suffolk pumps that ranged from as low as $2.39 to as high as $2.55, a slight decline compared with the $2.39 to $2.59 range that was recorded on Oct. 23.