Moore ascends into a complete player

Published 12:28 am Saturday, November 3, 2018

Alana Moore was voted Suffolk News-Herald Player of the Week after putting up 16 kills, nine blocks and four aces on senior night.

Though Lakeland High School’s girl volleyball team didn’t have much win-loss success this season, the team did have a few bright spots. One of those bright spots was Moore.

In the final week of the regular season, Lakeland had its senior night against rival King’s Fork High School. Though Lakeland didn’t win, Moore had a big game for them. She finished her last home game at Lakeland with 16 kills, nine blocks and four aces.

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“I felt like I played well,” she said. “I went out there and worked. I went out there knowing it was going to be good competition, with it being a rival. But I also know it was going to be the end of my season, so I had to make the game one to remember.”

Moore appreciated the season she was able to have with Lakeland this year. With the team playing a very tough schedule, they weren’t able to win many games, but there was opportunity for growth. They finished the season with two wins, and it was motivating playing other teams on the schedule.

Over the course of her four years, Moore feels like the team made significant progress. In a way, Moore felt like she was a valuable asset to the team because of her experience. However, at the same time, the Cavs senior was able to have her best season statistically. She felt like she came into her own this year.

“We’ve come a long way. The team has gotten closer over the years,” she said. “Those girls will be on top soon once they continue to keep putting the work in.”

She never had any statistical goals in mind she wanted to reach this season. Every time she stepped on the court, she wanted teams to remember who she was. Each game, she wanted to play better than the game before.

“Towards the end of the season, I was playing how I wanted to,” she said. “I never set any statistical goals, because I didn’t want that to limit me to the possibilities I could achieve.”

When Moore is on the court making a good play, it motivates her. The energy a good play brings boosts her teammates as well. She draws her inspiration from watching NCAA volleyball clips online. She believes her future includes playing college volleyball. Though she hasn’t decided on a school yet, her options are open.