Relationships help at work

Published 10:17 pm Thursday, November 15, 2018

To the editor:

Regarding “The friends that teach together stay together” article (Nov. 14), I feel like this is a great thing. Sometimes, work can become monotonous and you can just feel like you are part of the corporate machine. When you begin feeling this, it kind of feels like you are starting to lose your humanity, but in this case where there is a strong relationship, the work just becomes a great part of your day and something you want to remember. You become more human than ever.

These kinds of stories can teach us all something. We need to turn our workplaces into a place where we want to be and turn our work into something we want to wake up early for and work hard at. I know it sounds a little tacky, but when you enjoy your work, it doesn’t really feel like work anymore; it becomes something you want to do.


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Another great thing about loving your work is that it makes you want to pour yourself into and devote your time to it, which leads to all components of your work becoming more exceptional. For example, if you are pouring yourself into your work, the product is going to be considerably better, much like the students of these teachers. Overall, being able to have these kinds of relationships in the workplace makes everything better, not only for you, but also your work.

Alexander Gardner