Local author donates books

Published 10:41 pm Monday, November 26, 2018

Ron Sobel was inspired to become a children’s book writer, and he wanted to give back to the community by donating two of his books to Suffolk Public Library.

Sobel, 82, started writing children’s books just two years ago, and in those two years he has written two books, “The Amazing Adventures of the Whiz Kidz: A Ghost in the Closet” and “The Adventures of Jake and the Giant Water Tower.”

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” Sobel said.

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He was more than happy to donate both of the books to each of the library locations in Suffolk.

“I just thought it was a nice thing to do,” Sobel said. “They have a huge children’s section, and I thought they could just add these to that.”

His first book, “The Amazing Adventures of the Whiz Kidz,” features four kids who face daunting tasks while trying to free a ghost.

“I was just inspired and started writing. I didn’t have an ending in mind, and it just fell into place while I was writing it,” Sobel said.

The second book, “The Adventures of Jake and the Giant Water Tower,” was based on his grandson, Jake. Sobel found inspiration from Jake’s love of water towers.

“We used to take him and drive around for pleasure, and he was always taken by water towers,” Sobel said. “He would always point them out. Now he is 11 and one day a flash came to me and I thought about Jake and water towers. I wondered if I could write something about that.”

In the book, Jake is a hero because he saved a cat that was stuck on the water tower ladder.

Sobel has lived in Suffolk for the last 25 years, and before becoming a writer he worked for the federal government. He has seven grandchildren, and all of them enjoy reading his books.

A new book is in the works for Sobel, and it is almost ready for publication. The new book will be geared towards children between the ages of 9 and 12. It will follow Charlie and a time-traveling flip phone.

Sobel’s books can be found at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.