Land Transfers for Dec. 21-27

Published 10:20 pm Friday, December 28, 2018

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

December 21 to 27

BCS Homes LLC to Tony Washington; 126 Meridian Place; $338,735

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Jennifer Walker to CTO Enterprises LLC; 278 Burnetts Way; $62,000

Vanessa Collins to Donna Poplin; 11540 Camp Pond Road; $62,000

Michael Stuart to Vibevents Group LLC; 4251 White Marsh Road; $120,000

AB Homes LLC to Timothy Stegh; 521 Dutch Road; $319,250

Kelvin Sykes to Lois Meggie; 134 Mulberry St.; $55,000

Secretary of the US Department to Roberta Walters; 320 York St.; $37,100

Michael Roller to Barbara Bryant; 5044 Kings Grant Circle; $282,900

Pamela Bynum to Paragonn Contracting Group LLC; 0 Hubbard Ave.; $47,000

Star Creek LLC to East Coast Development Group; 4030 Evan Circle; $105,000

Moore Legacy Marketing Group LLC to Ryan Giddings; 325 Ben St.; $150,000

Schaubach Capital Investments II to East Coast Development Group; 4310 Edgewater Lane; $105,000

Charlene Andrews to Glenn Wiggins; 207 Walnut St.; $160,000

Great Ajax Operating Partnership to Ajax 2018A REO LLC; 2725 N. Nansemond Drive; $129,454

Innocent Ononiwu to Legacy Home Building LLC; 320 Hunter St.; $24,300

Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Bobbie Pace; 3446 Raintree Circle; $546,282

Penny Frame to Richard Neupert; 2817 Holiday Point Drive; $220,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Current Homes LLC; 128 Dana Drive; $146,000

US Bank National Association, trustee, to CR 2018 LLC; 119 Church St.; $14,500

John Larkin to James Proctor III; 2632 Buckingham Road; $373,800

Mortgage Equity Conversion to Eleanor Richardson; 4057 Deer Path Road; $200,300

Housing Hampton Roads Inc. to Lisa Boone; 908 Lake Kennedy Drive; $166,000

Current Homes LLC to Rochelle Washington; 3603 Huntsman Court; $265,000

Leanard Thompson to Matthew Ross; 768 Wilroy Road; $193,500

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Paolo Querimit; 3478 Raintree Circle; $374,130

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Steven Olson; 3719 Finish Line Arch; $215,000

Trudy Cuthrell to James Horton; 722 Dumville Ave.; $301,100

Mark Buttolph to Michael Bruce; 404 Stonegate Way; $247,000

Southeastern Virginia Properties to Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC; 3432 Raintree Circle; $256,451

Aaron Sorrell to Robert Baker IV; 2845 N. Shore Drive; $180,000

Catherine Reveal to Sharon Clark; 303 Highland Ave.; $10

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; Declaration Lane; $88,500