Council members sworn in

Published 9:48 pm Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Friends, family and city staff gathered in City Council chambers to watch the swearing in of re-elected council members Donald Goldberg, Leroy Bennett and Mike Duman.

Re-elected council member Tim Johnson was not at the ceremony due to a prior commitment.

“This council is here to share their common desire and commitment to serve our city,” said spokeswoman Diana Klink.

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Mayor Linda Johnson was happy to see the councilmen re-elected and be sworn in again.

“The councilmen are given the honor to serve. It is a pleasure to welcome them back,” the mayor said. “We welcome this new year with opportunities and challenges. We cannot wait for others to determine our futures; we must determine our future.”

Bennett, Duman, Goldberg and Johnson were re-elected on Nov. 6. Goldberg was the only incumbent to run with opposition. Goldberg beat Art Bredemeyer with 58 percent of the vote.

“I will pledge today as I did four years ago to give my very best to the city of Suffolk,” Goldberg said. “It is my honor and my passion to serve. I promise you I will work hard on your behalf.”

Bennett and Duman also shared their thoughts at the ceremony.

“Eight years is a significant time, and I’ve learned a great deal,” Duman said. “I have more to learn.”

This will be Duman’s third term on the City Council after first being elected in 2010.

During the council’s reorganizational meeting, Bennett was once again voted to serve as vice mayor.

“Thank you all for the support during the campaign,” Bennett said. “I’m ready to work together with the council for the city of Suffolk.”

The City Council voted 6-1, with Lue Ward voting in opposition of the nomination.

“I am really honored the council has faith in me,” Bennett said. “It is a great joy that they have faith in me and that we can work as a team.”