Under the mistletoe

Published 10:01 pm Friday, January 4, 2019

By Ariane Williams

If trees can communicate to share water and nutrients, then how do we find it difficult to share love within ourselves and others? Why do we bruise others in the process of living?

As I pulled out the containers to “pack away Christmas,” my heart began to leak sadness. Christmas stopped by for a moment and just like that, it was gone without a trace. As I removed the ornaments from the tree, I thought about what I would miss most about the holiday. I was going to miss the “feeling of love.” I just wanted to hold on to it just a little bit longer. I wanted to hold on to the smiling faces. I wanted to hold on to the beautiful lights. I wanted to hold on to the movies that painted promising images of love. I wanted to hold on to something.

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As my hands wandered to the last ornament, it displayed the word “love.” There was something about that word that made me stop for a moment. As I sat down, I began to feel the weight and pain of the world and how so many people are missing the feeling of love. As I walked out of the living room, I looked up to realize that I was standing underneath a mistletoe. A mistletoe is symbolic to friendship, life, power, peace, rebirth, healing, protecting and unification. Those components are dimensions of love, and we all want to experience those depths. I decided to keep the mistletoe hanging on the ceiling. I decided to keep the love ornament on display as a reminder of the need.

At church, the Word was about being known and being loved. Who you are may not be known to people, but who you are is known to God, and you are loved by God. In this new season of your life, make sure that love is first built within your home. As it is built within your home, begin to share it with others who may need to be under the mistletoe. The world needs so much love, and we are feeling the effects of it in every area of our lives. You may be missing the feeling of love due to a loss, false friendships, testing marriage, failed relationships with absent fathers or mothers, searching for a passion, or an illness. I can feel your circle of love strengthening for the next season as there will be a bond that no man can break. You will begin to heal in love.

We must reach down in love to find our gains because love hurts at times. How are you going to spread acts of love for the next year? God will send people your way in this season to bring love into the light that will silence the atmosphere of darkness that is trying to consume you. Love exists just like the mistletoe. As you begin to pour love into others, the same love will come back to you. We do not take time to eat dinner at the table like a family anymore. We do not take time to put down the cellphones to have a conversation. We do not take the time to forgive failed relationships. We do not take the time to renew our vows to rekindle marriages. We do not take the time to take a risk and live out our dreams. We do not take the time to walk away from some things that are not changing. We do not take the time to find ways to communicate in love.

Be reminded that love exists after the ornaments are packed away. Love is so powerful that it cannot be packed away, although it may seem lost at times. Give life a chance in this season. Do not allow the state of the world to determine the state of your heart. My husband told me that I missed a shooting star one morning, but I believed it although I did not physically see it. Look up and see the shooting star. Believe it, and you will see it. Love under the mistletoe is waiting for you in this season.

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at arianewilliams810@yahoo.com