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Let God take over in the new year

By Joseph Perry

“But you have the unction from the Holy One and you know all things.” 1 John 2:20

During my travels on my secular job, I have the opportunity to drive several hours listening to music, praying to God or just being quiet. As I was just being quiet after praying, the Lord put in my spirit that He wants to take over. When I heard this, I thought that He had already taken over. What he was sharing with me was, He wanted me to allow Him to have total control over my life.

That’s really an area we all struggle in. It’s not easy, and I know most of you will agree that it can be hard to let someone take over your life.

In 1 John, he shares with us that we have God’s power who resides in us. His power comes once we have accepted the Savior. As we yield our lives to Him, we allow His power to have more room in our lives. When He takes on more room in you, then He’s able to work more in our lives like never before.

Those of you who desire to do more, to be more, to go higher in 2019, God is saying, “Let me take over.”

That’s where many people are. They want something different to happen. We know that there’s more waiting for us. We don’t have to just keep going through the motions. We have the God of the universe saying He wants to take over. He wants to reserve more room in us to do more through us and with us.

There are keys to remember as you allow Him to take over.

  • It’s about your obedience to God. This taking over requires you to obey Him. You can’t do it today and not be willing to do it tomorrow. Whatever He is leading you to do, make sure you are doing it continuously until he gives different instructions.
  • It’s about having faith in God. Knowing that without faith, it’s impossible to please God. When you let Him take over, you have to believe He knows exactly what is supposed to happen every moment of your life. Know that this walk is a faith walk.
  • It’s about sowing seeds for God. When you submit yourself to God and allow Him to truly take over, then you will sow the right seeds on good ground. Be careful how you sow seeds to hurt people, but know when He takes over, your seeds are to lift people. Your seeds are to bless people. Your seeds should impact people in positive ways.

You were created to be used by Him to make a difference in this world, in your community, in your family, wherever He has placed you. It can only come when we make a decision to allow Him to take over.

The Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Perry is pastor of St. Mark AME Zion Church. Email him at josephp134@gmail.com.