Cherry Middle receives threat

Published 10:43 pm Thursday, January 10, 2019

Col. Fred Cherry Middle School was the new target of a student threat on Thursday, according to a letter sent out via Suffolk Public Schools’ Peachjar e-flier system.

According to the letter signed by Principal Shawn Green, school staff were notified of a picture that was AirDropped on one of their school buses. The picture said, “Everyone come to school tomorrow, I got gum.” The image also featured a picture of a firearm in the background.

The school division believes the image was a saved screenshot from an online source, according to the letter.

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AirDrop is an Apple service that allows the transferring of files between iOS devices — iPhones, MacBook’s and iPads — that uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

The school division is unaware of who sent out the image, but there is currently an investigation for the identity of the student, according to spokeswoman Bethanne Bradshaw.

The letter stated that Col. Fred Cherry administrative staff, along with Suffolk Public Schools staff and the Suffolk Police Department will be taking care of the issue.

The school division will handle the student to the “fullest extent of our school system’s disciplinary policies and local law enforcement means,” according to Green’s letter.

While the school is working to investigate the matter, they encourage parents to be aware of how their children are using their electronic devices and the internet.

“With the recent events across our nation, it is imperative that all school stakeholders be vigilant. We strongly urge all students, staff and parents to continue to communicate information with school officials and local law enforcement,” Green stated in the letter. “We are very proud of the students who came forward to make us aware of this information. Parents are encouraged to continue to monitor their child’s social media posts and behavior closely.”