Land transfers for Jan. 11-24

Published 11:13 pm Friday, January 25, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

January 11 to 24

James Fields to Justin Hardwick; 202 Goshawk Court; $340,000

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HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 4028 Michael Drive; $216,500

John Wickerson to Charles Anderson; 1612 Steeple Drive; $170,000

Leland Holland to Animal Remob LLC; 5300 Holly Neck Road; $65,000

ABT Custom Homes LLC to Stephen Gillian; 2012 Anthony Place; $471,500

Clyde Matthews to Michael Eddins; 5100 Bennetts Pasture Road; $135,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael Thornhill Sr.; 2112 Redgate Drive; $256,500

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Jerry Burden III; 2553 River Watch Drive; $431,530

Cynthia Clark to White Multipurpose Center LLC; 6142 Whaleyville Blvd.; $40,000

Fannie Mae to Earvin Bates Jr.; 2007 Smalleys Dam Circle; $345,000

RL Swain to Trent Elder; 5103 Gleneagles Way; $404,000

Edison Mercer to Freedom Mortgage Corporation; 2103 Fieldbrook Place; $446,344

Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 2103 Fieldbrook Place; $446,344

Susan Brown to Joseph Connors; 3513 Derby Cove; $242,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Phillip Carter; 1016 Raven Hill Road; $310,594

Alan Louis to Nathaniel Stude; 301 Stone Cove; $246,000

Deutsche Bank National Company to Go America LLC; 304 N. Broad St.; $24,080

Anthony Asaro to Heather Critz; 407 S. Broad St.; $122,481

Harbour Portfolio VII LP to Equity Trust Company; n/a; $10,034

Justin Krentel to Tracey King; 2218 Kentucky Ave.; $120,000

Johnny Penigar to John Actis; 2468 Nansemond Parkway; $200,000

Michael Clevinger to Abigail Ross; 3003 Newbury Court; $287,500

Susan Autrum to Keith Winters; 216 Jonathans Way; $248,000

Marissa Barnes, trustee, to Marichu Balmes; 5300 Marsh Landing Lane; $483,900

Luc Barbeau to Vincent Pisani; 5104 Brookstone Way; $474,200

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Nicholas Eckberg; 213 Reservoir Lane; $349,516

Richard Blizzard III to Frances Waite; 204 N. Seventh; $47,400

Suffolk Humane Society Inc. to Ryan Rutledge; 4056 Pruden Blvd.; $56,900

Finis Bussey to Leenita Kollie; 6741 Hampton Roads Parkway; $195,000

Valencia Ballard to Zoy Suka; 812 Ashley Ave.; $108,200

Teresa Donahue, trustee, to Charles Godfrey; lot one subdivision, parcel A, Watson Estate; $75,700

Emily Hayworth to Charles Godfrey; lot three, parcel A, Watson Estate; $92,000

Teresa Donahue, trustee, to Charles Godfrey; lot two, Brzozowski plat; $92,000

Carlesi Construction Inc. to Daniel Moore; 3616 Manning Road; $393,220

US Bank National Association, trustee, to Bank of America; 316 Canaan Circle; $249,852

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to 3AS Home Remodeling and Construction; 2505 Sportsman Blvd.; $244,500

BCS Homes LLC to Marcus Boykins; 124 Meridian Place; $313,750

Carrington Mortgage Services to Cedar Homes Investments LLC; 504 Osceola Ave.; $67,640

Brad Spafford to John Ledford; 1556 Carolina Road; $190,000

Two and Three LLC to Riverbend Church; 217 Meadow View Blvd.; $200,000

Bennetts Creek Professional to Riverbend Church; 231 Meadow View Blvd.; $2,800,000

Daniels Construction Corp. to Morgan Johnson; 412 S. Saratoga St.; $170,600

Walter Sherrill to Rashmikaben Patel; 235 Jonathans Way; $225,000

Maurice Jackson to Ebony White; 2107 Gentry St.; $160,000

Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Hun Moss; 4033 Kingston Parkway; $298,575

Earlene Taylor to William Rice; 4841 Townpoint Road; $87,000

John Fanning to Cory McIntyre; 407 Calvin St.; $275,000

Just Right Homes LLC to Kevin Francis; 108 Highfield Road; $299,900

Thomas Stephenson Jr. to Bill Eason; 713 Carolina Road; $125,000

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Derek Tackett; 7589 Elwood Road; $169,300

Karen Morris to Willard Moger; 6141 Knotts Creek Lane; $242,400

Gateway LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 57.8 acres; $60,000

Charles Peirce to Kristian Louk; 7392 Harvest Drive; $80,000

Federal Home Loans Mortgage to William Marvin; 7201 Quaker Drive; $134,500

3J S LLC to City of Suffolk; 1603 Holland Road; $61,822

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 113 Freedom Lane; $177,000

Edward Joyner to Daniel Joyner; 7917 Gates Road; $105,000

Michael Marciniak to Denis Confer; 801 Milford Lane; $281,000

David Roberts to Thomas Dikon; 105 Rodset Court; $310,000

Chad Davis to Brad Spafford; 1321 Pheasant Circle; $265,000

Quality Capital Management LLC to Ramone Worthington; 421 Collier Crescent; $219,000

Michael Dillard to Jarmal Jackson; 2113 Brians Lane; $297,500

Hattie Anderson to Hampton Roads Holding Company; 4528 John St.; $65,000

David Morales to Joseph Sposato; 3432 Village Square Place; $645,000

Karen Leigh to Michael Amos; 307 Sherwood Drive; $202,500